Retention. Acquisition. Culture. Business leaders talk about these particular topics when creating and growing their businesses, but why are they so important? It’s been estimated that 66% of employees are not engaged at work (Gallup, 2018). This means wasted time, money, and ultimately an organization that cannot thrive. These topics are necessary to create an engaged organization and a happy workforce.

So, how do you create and, more importantly, measure progress toward creating fully engaged employees?

We believe that you systematically survey employees on-demand as needed, or at least every 90 days, and the infographic below shows you how to outline this approach. Creating an engaged organization requires commitment, and the ability to measure progress towards creating this fully engaged workforce.

Our guide to creating an Engaged Organization infographic highlights the key components needed to improve engagement levels including collaboration, continuous improvement, honest feedback and shows what companies can achieve in just 1 years’ time.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in July 2016, but has been updated to include the newest data and ideas surrounding employee engagement.