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Create and send surveys on any topic at any time. On-Demand Surveys deliver a layer of flexibility that works within the program structure to derive insight and drive action.

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Focus where you need to

Dig deeper into identified issues or generate new ideas from a highly engaged team. Gather insight with analytics from multiple-choice questions and analyzed feedback from text-response options.


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Send your custom employee surveys to the entire company or targeted groups of 3 or more. Focus on the departments called out in your reports or simply keep the survey relevant to smaller teams.

Flexible Timing

Complete control of scheduling

Want feedback after a company meeting? Need input before investing in a new initiative? Send a survey immediately or schedule a future time and date down to the half hour.

Additional Customization

More ways to get answers

Additional questions can be added to your Benchmark Assessment. It’s another way to customize the experience and make it even more relevant to your business.

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