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About Engagement Multiplier

The people behind the program


A vision of transformation

With a lifelong passion for helping people fulfill their potential, Stefan Wissenbach created the framework to engage individuals to reach their goals. He quickly realized that this framework could push small and medium businesses all over the world ahead. So he founded Engagement Multiplier. And in 2014, Stefan stepped across the pond to partner with a Chicago-based technology company in a first step to spread engagement worldwide.

We believe that if owners are open to feedback, and committed to the program and framework, they’ll be able to truly transform their organizations. The Engagement Multiplier program was launched only after testing the platform among a few courageous entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s their real-world feedback that inspired refinements that make the program truly work.

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We’re not like other engagement companies

We do more than simply set up organizations with a tool and then wish them well. Employee engagement tools, surveys, and measurement are all part of what we offer, but we share a passion for the power of engagement, and we embrace accountability for achieving our Engaged Purpose™. We live it every day, and it’s our joy and privilege to pass it along to organizations using our program.


Connecting partners, entrepreneurs, and businesses

The real power behind Engagement Multiplier is our unique community of partners, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We are now beginning to facilitate a transfer of knowledge within this community, allowing our members to trade best practices, experience, and insights with each other and with us. This enables us to constantly innovate, improve, and update our technology and processes.

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