• 87%


    Increased employee retention*
  • 21%


    Improved productivity levels*
  • 10%


    Increased customer retention*
  • 22%


    Greater overall profitability*

*Data from the Corporate Leadership Council

Our approach to employee engagement

A brave and caring owner is essential to success

With simple employee retention tools and a strategic framework, our software removes the complexity that so many entrepreneurs face with improving culture, retention, and morale. But this only works when there are decision makers in place who care about their people, are open to knowing the truth, and empowered to continuously improve.

  • Program Overview

Brave Ownership

Engaged Organizations start with brave, caring owners who are hungry for change and are eager to get started. Being open to the truth and willing to listen takes courage, but it’s an important first step towards transformation and increasing engagement.

Our Engagement Model

Proven Framework

See progress and impact immediately. From purpose statements to secure communication, it’s a structure that uncovers hidden truths, gets everyone on the same page, and forges solid bonds and commitments.

Methods of Employee Engagement

Secure, Easy-to-Use Tools

Our anonymous employee surveys give your people a voice, and the interactive dashboard provides you with measurable results and concrete insights to move forward. Personal reports and action items create shared accountability.

Engagement Program Features

Superior Support & Guidance

You’re not alone in your journey improving employee engagement in your organization—we’re with you at every step. Our dedicated Engagement Specialists and a library of resources ensure you get the most out of every phase of the program.

Our Support Services

“This is helping us to become a better company–it’s a way to keep a real handle on whether or not we’re doing the right things as we grow.”

Testimonial Kent PilcherKent Pilcher, Point Builders and Estes Construction

Without Engagement Multiplier

The cost of disengaged employees

employee engagement and customer service

Customer service suffers

Disengaged employees are disconnected, lack enthusiasm and energy, and deliver poor customer service. When direct interactions with customers suffer, so does your business.

Employee engagement and turnover

Your best talent leaves

Employees that don’t feel empowered to develop professionally will find those opportunities elsewhere. Hiring, onboarding, and training costs increase, and morale usually takes a hit as well.

employee engagement and absenteeism

Absenteeism rises

Millennials in particular show up for jobs where they feel like they have meaning and direction. If those things are missing, things like attendance and safety record suffer.

accountability and employee engagement

Inefficiency is everywhere

Organizations that don’t give clear expectations or hold people accountable see productivity flatline or decline. When everyone has different goals and are moving in different directions, inefficiency runs rampant.

Program Features

Powerful tools for simpler operation that
deliver efficiency and impact

Preview image of the program features

Employee Surveys

Quick, mobile-friendly surveys deliver truly honest feedback from everyone in your organization.

Employee Feedback Survey

Anonymous Communication

Employee responses aren’t associated with individuals, so feedback is always eye-opening and inspiring.

Secure Communication Tools

Quarterly Check-Ins

Scheduled every 90 days, survey cycles measure progress with enough time to take action in between.

Our Engagement Approach

Owner Dashboard

Your command center to see employee feedback, engagement scores, actionable insights, and to share reports.

Executive Dashboards & Tools

Employee Dashboards

Personal reports for each employee let them compare their scores to company averages and track progress.

Employee Dashboards

In-Depth Reporting

Compare engagement metrics and data by department, location, or any other way you want to segment.

Engagement Reports

Score & Goal Sharing

Built-in sharing lets you communicate goals and action plans appropriately across your team.

Insights & Action Plans

Customizable Experience

Create your own custom survey questions to explore deeper issues more specific to your organization.

Custom Tailored Features

“Recognition and appreciation of what we deliver is hugely important, and we need to feel engaged in order to get that. That’s why engagement is so key now.”

Testimonial Dominic BeechenoDominic Beecheno, BGI Strategy