We talk a lot about the power of an Engaged Purpose at Engagement Multiplier. It’s at the centre of everything we do and everything we champion, and recently, the world is starting to realise just how important ‘it’ is. But what is ‘it’, why should you care and just how powerful is ‘it’?

Put simply ‘it’ is a statement that unites your organisation around a common determination and direction. ‘It’ is why you do it, what you do it for and how you do it. ‘It’ is the glue that unites every team member in your company regardless of their position, seniority, gender or age.


So why should you care?

Well it’s simple really, Millennials are now the most populous generation in the workforce and place purpose at the heart of how they view the world at large. If your business is not purpose centric, how are you able to attract and retain the best talent in a world that is increasingly populated by those that are?


But just how powerful is ‘it’?

Regardless of your political views, the recent student action in the USA has highlighted just how powerful a group of people united behind a single purpose can be. They know why they are acting, who they are acting for and how to act. They have received global praise, recognition & coverage and are driving change in an area that is incredibly adept at avoiding change.

And whilst that is an extreme example born on the back of tragedy, it is also a timely one. The vast majority of those students belong to Generation Z or as the Huffington Post deems they should be called “The Purpose Generation”. The oldest are beginning to enter the workplace and by 2020 they will account for ⅓ of the entire US population.

If purpose isn’t at the forefront of your business, perhaps it’s time to make it so.