The Great Resignation. Inflation. Geopolitical strife. Supply chain shocks. New employee priorities – and demands. At some point, “unprecedented change” became par for the course. Every change means new challenges for your company’s leaders, and how they respond, and whether they have their employees’ buy-in and confidence, are factors in whether or not the organisastion thrives or struggles.

In addition to navigating the present-day challenges, there’s another issue lurking for business leaders that will impact whether or not their company thrives in this era, and it’s something we call the Leadership Perception Gap.

What is a Leadership Perception Gap?

The Leadership Perception Gap is the difference between the perception company executives have of the effectiveness of their organisation’s leaders, and how employees perceive their leaders’ effectiveness.

When the perceptions differ too greatly, the resulting gap represents a real impediment to the successful execution of company initiatives.

Business problems a Leadership Perception Gap presents

When employees have a poor perception of their company’s leadership – whether that means their direct managers, department leaders, or the executive team – they are less likely to trust them, take their direction, or support their decisions.

Additionally, a team in this state is probably also experiencing a degree of disengagement, meaning employees’ enthusiasm is low and they lack the feelings of pride and ownership that are catalysts for the above-and-beyond efforts which power business success.

Whether or not such a gap exists is important for senior management to know – if it does, the organisation is unlikely to move forward unless the issues causing the mismatch in perception are resolved.

About the Leadership Perception Gap On-Demand Survey 

The Leadership Perception Gap employee survey will enable you to identify gaps within your company, where they exist, and how significant they are. Designed to assess employee perceptions against seven factors, the Leadership Perception Gap survey data will also indicate the root cause of the mismatch in perception.

The survey is also accompanied by an eBook, The 7 Cs – Seven Qualities Leaders Need for Post-Covid Success, as well as a Success Guide full of practical advice and tactics for closing the perception gaps within your organisation.