For our first meeting of 2017, the Engagement Multiplier Chicago office teamed up with the UK branch to form “goal buddies” – a way for us to hold each other accountable for making the positive changes most important to us.

This exercise doesn’t have to be for New Year’s Resolutions – in fact, right now when many of us are getting off-track from our January intentions might be the best time for employee engagement activities like this.


How goal buddies work

  1. Have each member of your team (or each person in your office) choose 1 work-related goal and 1 personal goal that can be completed in 90 days.
  2. Have each person find a way to measure that goal.
  3. Then, have each person choose a different team member – preferably someone they don’t know very well – to hold them accountable for accomplishing those two goals.

Basically, you need two 90-day goals, a way to measure your progress, and a buddy (who isn’t a bestie) to hold you accountable. The buddy agrees to check in with you once a week to see how you’re doing and encourage as-needed.

Learn more about how to set goals you are sure to accomplish here!


All goals are fair game!

You’ll get the best results if you let people run wild with their goals – as long as they can realistically accomplish them in 90 days. For example, one person’s professional goal might be to get organized, and they can make a list of 5 steps they can take towards that goal in 90 days. Personal goals can be anything from losing weight, to building a headboard for your bed, to planting an herb garden.

When anything is fair game, you’ll get to know each other much better and have much more fun.


Why goal buddies works

This employee engagement exercise encourages team members who don’t normally have contact with each other to get to know each other on a much deeper level, very quickly.

We found that as we were sharing our goals, we were often sharing our imperfections, vulnerabilities, or hidden talents (one of our team members’ goals is to release a new song on Spotify!). It was fun, and even a little awkward, to share things that we wouldn’t normally share with people we wouldn’t normally talk to.

Especially since our team is so geographically diverse, this has been a valuable exercise for deepening relationships and finding things in common we never knew we had, which makes Goal Buddies an incredibly valuable employee engagement tool.