Back to our desks after the holiday, we’re all feeling the energy of a new year and a fresh start. To help us make the most out of our renewed energy and focus, we’re giving The Experience Transformer® from Strategic Coach a New Year’s twist.

Typically, we use The Experience Transformer® as a sort of “after-action report” on campaigns, initiatives, or even meetings so that we can gain deeper insights into how to get better results next time. But what if we did this for the entire year of 2016?

As a group, or on your own, try answering these questions, inspired by The Experience Transformer®.

  1. Briefly describe one thing you’d like to improve on from the past year.
  2. What actions have you taken towards this goal that worked?
  3. What did you try that didn’t work?
  4. Knowing what you know now, what could you have done differently to have had greater success?
  5. Make a list of a series of actions you could take to produce a much more strategic, successful, and satisfying experience in the future.

You can use this, like we do, to analyze and strategize everything from sales calls to engagement committee meetings, or even use it to review your personal New Year’s Resolutions from last year to find out why they did – or didn’t – work out.

Cheers to a happier, more productive, and more engaged New Year!

Read more about Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach’s Experience Transformer on their blog.

And if you aren’t yet clued in to your organization through anonymous employee feedback, perhaps this is the year to finally start using an employee engagement software program.