I don’t wish to boast – but I had a great day yesterday!

The Institute of Sales Management in the UK asked me to be a keynote speaker at their 2017 Sales Summit. The subject – Engagement, The Energy Source That Transforms Businesses.

For all my speaking engagements, I make a big effort to ensure that my presentation (and delivery) is what I refer to as “the 3 i’s” – informative, interactive and inspirational.  Yesterday was no exception.  There were key stats, transferrable insights, thought leadership – and for a bit of fun, racing cars, a dancing bear and roaring lions thrown into the mix!

But, fun aside, the one critical thing I wanted to share with this sales-focused audience was an insight into how to resolve the biggest challenge business owners and leaders face today – the ability to attract and retain productive talent, such as Millennials, in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


There’s an intrinsic (in fact, indisputable) correlation between the level to which your organisation is engaged and your ability to hire and retain the best talent – just ask my research team, they have an abundance of evidence to support this.


What’s engagement got to do with sales…?

Let’s start with my definition of engagement.

To me, it’s simple.  It’s the state of being present, focused and energised. Engagement creates an energy that shoots through and powers up your business.  In my latest book, The Engaged Organisation, I write about how this energy then transfers to everyone that comes into contact with your organisation – it’s powerful, palpable.

This is part of many reasons why employee engagement is so important.

So, with this in mind, my first question to you is…

If your sales team are more present, focused and energised, do you think they’re more likely to achieve, even exceed, sales targets?

YES, of course, they will.

And if your sales team are exceeding their targets, what’s the impact going to be on your business?

Simple – improved profitability.

If you are attracting and retaining the best sales talent because you have an Engaged Organisation, what’s that going to do for your business?

Make it exponential – and put clear water between you and your competitors.  Success breeds success.

Like the sound of that?

Then your next action is simple, let us help you to understand how you can accurately measure and improve engagement in your organisation – today.


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