So, you’re an engaged business owner. You’re out there doing your job, creating opportunities, working with clients and suppliers to push your business forward. You may not spend too much time in the office with your team but when you do, you make it count.

You walk the floor, get involved with what your team is doing, rally the troops, create buzz and energy and use your skills to identify improvements to the way your team is working. That’s how you see it – you’re great, right?

But what does your team think when you arrive in the office? Do they think the same way?


Does your team think ‘here comes the seagull’?

seagull manager infographic

By seagull, I mean someone who enters the room, flaps about a lot, squawks loudly, occasionally poops on people and then flies back out again!

Not so long ago, I spoke to a business owner who had received his first engagement report. It wasn’t what he expected.

It seemed his attempts to be a hands-on, engaged leader during the limited time he spent in the office had been missing the mark – in fact, it was creating all sorts of chaos (just like a seagull that’s flown in through the window)!

He openly admitted that when he first looked at his report, he was a little taken aback. And then a light bulb went on above his head and it dawned on him – it was an incredible opportunity to become a better business owner.

He picked up the phone and called me to say thank you.

He said,

“Stefan, my team have been with me for years. I thought I was a great business owner. Engagement Multiplier has given my team the chance to tell me what they really think because it’s confidential and anonymous. There’s no way they’d have said this to me directly and so I’d have carried on oblivious to the disruption I was creating. I meant well but I now see how I was getting it wrong.”

I congratulated him on his attitude, gave him a metaphorical handshake and then watched with interest 90 days later when his second engagement report was ready.

He’d been good to his word. He’d met with his team, expressed his gratitude for their feedback and for the first time in a while, they had a genuinely open conversation. He implemented change and as a result, his engagement score went up. He was happier, his team was happier – and he was a better business owner.


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