One of the most useful features of the Engagement Multiplier platform is the On-Demand survey capability, which enables you to send completely bespoke surveys at any time, to any group of three or more employees, using our 100% anonymous and confidential vault technology.

On-Demand surveys are shorter (usually 10-12 questions,) are focused on a specific issue, event, or topic, and are used on a stand-alone basis.

Build your own library, or use ours 

You can use one of the On-Demand surveys we’ve created, or develop surveys that fill a need within your organisation. At present, Engagement Multiplier has developed several On-Demand surveys for you to use, each accompanied by a Success Guide designed to help you interpret and respond to survey feedback:

  • The Leadership Perception Gap: Are your company leaders as effective as you hope they are? A gap in that perception can derail strategy and slow growth. This survey will tell you whether a perception gap exists within your company.
  • Emerge Stronger: Your teams have shifted to new ways of working and serving customers during the COVID crisis. Capture the innovation and insights your teams have generated and capitalise on it to help your company adapt and succeed with the Emerge Stronger survey.
  • Kickstarting Innovation: Can your company’s innovation process improve? Quickly assess the health of your company’s innovation process and get the ideas flowing with the Kickstarting Innovation survey.
  • Culture Check: Are you fostering a good company culture? Check in with employees to see what they think. Strong company culture can help you retain and attract talent and this survey will help you take action to give your culture a boost.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Starting a conversation around DEI in the workplace can be tricky, but this On-Demand survey can help you get started. Gather feedback from your team on the current state of DEI in your company and build a foundation for the future.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing: Mental health and wellbeing at work are increasingly crucial topics for employers to focus on. With our survey, you can get an authentic look at how your employees are doing and take meaningful action to improve their mental health and wellbeing at work.
  • Defining Purpose: Employees are more likely to stay with a company that has a purpose that aligns with their personal goals. Use this survey to start building out your company’s purpose for the first time.
  • Purpose Check Up: If you already have a purpose statement for your company, this quick survey will allow you to understand how it’s resonating with your employees. You can use the insights to rework your purpose into something your team really connects with.
  • Remote Work: Does remote work really work for your team? Assess how your work from home teams are faring with survey questions around manager effectiveness, company policies, resources, and more.
  • Stay Factors: Employers often focus on why people leave their roles, i.e. conducting an exit interview. Instead, this survey will help you assess why your employees stay. The insights will ensure your employee experience is one people want to be a part of.

How other companies are using On-Demand surveys 

You can also develop your own On-Demand surveys, either in response to a specific issue or event or for ongoing use. Here are some examples of how other Engagement Multiplier clients have used the On-Demand capability:

  • To gather consistent feedback from new hires in order to assess and improve the company’s onboarding experience,
  • As a tool to gather feedback about employee training, with the intention of continually improving the company’s learning and development efforts,
  • Exploring workshop topics with a team, to see where their knowledge stands and fine-tune the programming,
  • To assess the progress of major new initiatives, helping changes stick by finding out early whether teams have the training and alignment needed for success.

In short, On-Demand surveys can be used in advance of an event, and after the fact.

We have also advised clients to utilise an On-Demand survey when their Benchmark Assessment data reveals a rising issue or a hotspot that needs to be addressed. Here’s one example:

A client identified a ‘hotspot’ in the form of a worrying decrease in score within the Leaders dimension on the Benchmark Assessment for a particular department. Using the Leadership Perception Gap survey, the client was able to engage the team more deeply on the challenges within the team, enabling them to provide focused coaching to the struggling team leader.

Creating an On-Demand survey couldn’t be easier. The first step is determining the questions you want to ask. Our Engagement Managers are on hand to help you out, and you can also get ideas by looking at one of our pre-prepared surveys. You can even copy a survey template to your dashboard, and then edit/add/delete any questions you’d like. Of course, you can create your own unique survey with your own set of questions.

Whichever route you choose, you have the option to create questions to gain both quantitative and qualitative feedback from your team.

Why On-Demand surveys are so helpful 

You can either intersperse your Benchmark Assessments with On-Demand surveys or add questions from one of our On-Demand templates to your regularly scheduled Benchmark Assessment within the form of custom questions. Doing so will help you build a culture of feedback by enabling you to ask the right questions, gathering the right feedback from the right people at the right time. As a business leader, you can pivot and take the right action as a result.

How can On-Demand surveys help you?

  • You can focus on key themes, initiatives, and topics within your organisation that are relevant to your team right now,
  • You have complete control over the survey schedule so you can decide when you want the survey to open and close,
  • Once the survey has closed, the results are available immediately to view within your dashboard. If needed, you can use Secure Follow Up to engage with the written feedback from employees in the form of an anonymous two-way conversation. Rectification vs. innovation – can be used for improvements in both.

By getting to the heart of a topic quickly, your employees will recognise that you are listening to their feedback from the Benchmark Assessment and will appreciate the action you’re taking. That’s the beauty (and the value) of On-Demand surveys — they show your team that you have your finger on the pulse, you know what is relevant to them right now, you are listening and you do care about making your organisation a better place to work for everyone.