At Engagement Multiplier, we are passionate about the power of an Engaged Purpose. Most often, when we speak to engaged owners about the importance of having an Engaged Purpose, they say “We have one of these!”

And yet, when we look at their purpose, seldom do we ever find that it is truly an Engaged Purpose.


Here’s the problem:

The “purpose” in an organization is normally written for the benefit of the owners, or the shareholders, or for the customers. And yet there is only one audience for whom it’s actually critically important: The employees.

An Engaged Purpose is written for the support and involvement of your employees, and will give them a “why” for showing up every day.


3 Important Elements of an Engaged Purpose:

  1. What the organization does, and who it’s for.
  2. Why the team enjoys delivering the outcomes that their organization delivers.
  3. How teams go about enjoying the process of delivering that outcome.


Engaged Purpose According to Engagement Multiplier:


“We enable businesses with identifiable ownership to measurably improve morale, culture and retention; and innovate, thrive and grow.
We are deeply connected to, and energized by, the transformational power of ‘engagement’ for both business and individuals.
We are proud and protective ambassadors of our community, philosophy and culture where personal growth and unique ability are championed, collaboration is constant and fun is a priority.”


If you call our office and ask any of our team members why they enjoy working at Engagement Multiplier, they will tell you it’s because they love to see transformational impact the program is having on our clients’ businesses day-in and day-out. It’s our purpose that gives us our “why” and gives us joy, just as much as the way in which we operate and collaborate as a team.

Transferable Insight: Have a look at your purpose and ask yourself – is it written for your employees? Does it give them a “why” for showing up? And is it something that would energize them? If the answer to any of those questions is “no,” it’s a really simple fix that we discuss in detail in our guide.