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Starting with a ten-minute survey that’s secure, anonymous, and available on any device, you’ll see how your company scores and get feedback that provides immediate insights to guide your employee engagement program.

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Know where to focus your efforts, create action plans to push your business forward, and energize your leaders and employees to help you stay on track.

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Keep your best talent, solve personnel problems, and then focus on new opportunities. With your team empowered, they’ll help you grow your business.

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Engagement Multiplier is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

The Engagement Multiplier platform is easy to use and completely anonymous. We have been using this solution for just over two years and have seen our engagement climb. By using the same survey every quarter, we're able to keep our pulse on the organization and create a culture that helps our employees and our business thrive. This solution can be used for other survey's as well, providing a lot of flexibility and the ability to gain insight when it matters most. We work with Danica who has been a wealth of information and ideas, helping us gain more insight and ask just the right questions. Engagement Multiplier is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

The survey has indicated where people may need that little extra help.

We use the Engagment Multiplier survey as a tool to provide us…

Insights and feedback I received from the team are invaluable.

Working with Richard and Rachel to get our Engagement Multiplier up and…

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