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Dave Jackson


Leicestershire, UK

18 December 2020

Engagement Multiplier provides a suite of tools to facilitate a people focused culture.

An exceptional platform that enables everyone in the business to provide good honest feedback. The recorded feedback has been used to further engage with all team members across the organisation thus creating a people first organisation where we all enjoy coming to work and to contribute towards the agreed goals and objectives. There are no gimmicks, Engagement Multiplier provides a suite of tools to facilitate a people focused culture where going that extra mile is the norm.

Sherelle Matthews

Jarrods Specialist Carpentry Ltd

Cardiff, UK

17 December 2020

Account Managers have been helpful whenever needed.

Having utilised the Engagement Multiplier Survey for a few years now, I can certainly recommend it! Account Managers have been helpful whenever needed and send useful reminders and offer support before each survey is due to go live. They respond to any query promptly & professionally and always respect our time. The webinars were particularly useful during the Pandemic lockdown and the survey at this time helped us to engage with staff readily. Now my staff have developed further, I intend to encourage them to utilise the reports to increase further engagement with all employees and sub contract workers. We are in the process of arranging a Zoom call with the SMT and the Account Manager in early 2021 to promote even better use of the service. Thank you & Merry Christmas to all.

Karen Jarritt

Allied Care

Surrey, UK

9 December 2020

You can genuinely work towards a more engaged workforce.

My organisation has been using EM as a tool to measure staff engagement for 18 months. There are a number of benefits from using the platform such as setting custom questions and on-demand surveys. The suggestion box also provides anonymous feedback which helps us to develop our People strategy and create a more inclusive culture through setting 90 day action plans. The ad hoc webinars, leadership articles and blogs are great and everyone at EM is really focused to help you gain the participation of your staff so that you can genuinely work towards a more engaged workforce.

Mandy Jackson

Imetrum Ltd.

Bristol, UK

8 December 2020

Enabled us to tangibly measure engagement

The team at Engagement Multiplier have enabled us to tangibly measure engagement and provide a platform for additional employee surveys, keeping open communication and feedback at the core of our business.

Jeannie Colon

Sterling Service Group, Inc.

Illinois, US

7 December 2020

The surveys resulted in continued open communication.

We have been using Engagement Multiplier for a couple of years. The feedback from our Employees has helped form the direction we take as a Company. The insight received from the feedback and reports is invaluable. Proudly our Employees have become more engaged and our leaders have found better ways to continue keeping them engaged. The surveys resulted in continued open communication because they see the actions we take when they use their voices.

Mike Maddox


Michigan, US

17 November 2020

Engagement Multiplier is an amazingly powerful tool.

Engagement Multiplier is an amazingly powerful tool for any company looking to determine the level of buy in and engagement within their organization. The combination of social science and technology make this tool incredibly easy to implement, use and it provides very useful output from each survey. We have used it a number of times, each time with great results and clear actionable items!

Erica Boland

S & G Response

Cheshire, UK

2 November 2020

The survey has indicated where people may need that little extra help.

We use the Engagment Multiplier survey as a tool to provide us with an annual update on how our employees feel we are performing. Its such a useful tool to have and gives us a clear view of the areas that we may need to improve along with all the things we are succeeding in such as communication, wellbeing etc. We find the flexibility of EM is a real advantage especially under the current conditions we are all working under COVID-19 has had an impact on us all but the survey has indicated where people may need that little extra help. The customer service we have received from our account contact Hollie Dyer has also been exceptional. Hollie is so helpful and is always at the end of a phone or email to help where she can, so a HUGE thank you Hollie.

Shari Yantes


Minnesota, US

13 October 2020

Engagement Multiplier is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

The Engagement Multiplier platform is easy to use and completely anonymous. We have been using this solution for just over two years and have seen our engagement climb. By using the same survey every quarter, we're able to keep our pulse on the organization and create a culture that helps our employees and our business thrive. This solution can be used for other survey's as well, providing a lot of flexibility and the ability to gain insight when it matters most. We work with Danica who has been a wealth of information and ideas, helping us gain more insight and ask just the right questions. Engagement Multiplier is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Jane van Zyl

Working Families

London, UK

13 October 2020

Insights and feedback I received from the team are invaluable.

Working with Richard and Rachel to get our Engagement Multiplier up and running was so easy – I felt supported throughout the process. Signing up was such a clear decision, as the insights and feedback I received from the team are invaluable. Luckily, we’ve started our journey with a really engaged team – this will make it so much easier to respond to their ideas with speed.

Chris Thomas

One Accounting

Edinburgh, UK

9 October 2020

Our team members feel valued.

Our firm (11 people) have used Engagement Multiplier for 2 years now. As the business owner I get a lot of value out of the insights that the quarterly survey results give me. This has been especially valuable during the Covid19 period when we have all been working remotely. Our team members feel valued as they are asked their opinions on a range of company matters, and actively make suggestions on how we can improve. All surveys are totally anonymous. Our engagement score has gone up consistently over the last 2 years, and we feel a great level of empathy and trust amongst our team. I'd certainly recommend Engagement Multiplier if you want to improve your staff retention and gain valuable insights into what your people are actually thinking. We also get a client manager, who is always on hand to answer any questions we have, and provides great suggestions on how to get the most out of the product.

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