The numbers are startling – on one hand, in the US, people are quitting their jobs at the highest rate seen in two decades. In the UK, new data shows the job market is quickly heating up, with the highest number of new jobs seen in 14 years.

Forget Going Back to the Office—People Are Just Quitting Instead

Employment up by 197,000 and more people working from home,

“Fantastic!” you may think, but the news isn’t all good – worldwide, talent shortages have reached a 15-year high.

World – Hiring Optimism Improves to Pre-Pandemic Levels, but Talent Shortages Reach 15-Year High

Against this backdrop is the fact that people have new and different priorities. Here’s what’s changed, and how you can prepare.

One last word from the BBC, and it offers hope and good news Why a revolving door of team members is fuel for success

“New research shows that bringing fresh faces into an organisation – or even colleagues you don’t usually work with – is a boon for creativity. Shaking up your team just the right amount can transform an echo chamber that limits your potential into a force for innovation that takes your work to new heights.”