Employee Feedback Communication Tools

Completely secure and anonymous ways to collect feedback and generate more insight

Employee Feedback Tool Features


Survey Feedback

Written-response questions within the anonymous survey allow employees to give their opinions freeform, and you can search and sort these responses by score range in order to find and prioritize the most valuable feedback.

Suggestion Box

Optional Suggestion Box gives employees a voice outside of the quarterly anonymous employee survey, where they can share their opinions whenever the need strikes them. You can even send out an email request for employees to submit to the box if you’d like to solicit opinions on specific initiatives.

Secure Follow-Up

Initiate anonymous one-to-one conversations by replying directly to employee feedback with questions or for clarification.

Report Sharing

Release survey results along with your goals for improvement to employee personal reports—but only when you’re ready.

Observation Notes

Securely communicate with leaders directly within the program by posting key takeaways and other thought-starters about the current cycle’s Engagement Report.

Email Notifications

Everyone in the program will stay informed about what’s happening next, without too many messages overflowing their inboxes.

Our employee feedback process

You’ll collect written employee feedback with quarterly anonymous survey tools and the optional Suggestion Box—which is available to your team at any time. You can also reply anonymously to any employee feedback on which you need more clarity with Secure Follow-Up.

Discuss survey results privately with your leadership team via the in-dashboard comment tool. Once you have defined your goals and next steps, you can then make them viewable by the whole organization. And everything is kept completely anonymous and secure with our Vault Technology.

“We now have an open culture, and the survey allows for a structured, two-way feedback. It’s an opportunity for everyone to offer either words of wisdom, or guidance–and as leaders and owners of the company, it allows us to hear what their feedback is.”

Testimonial Jennifer BorislowJennifer Borislow, Borislow Insurance