Scores & Reporting

Measure then move forward

Now you have a system to track progress and know you’re on track. It’s easy to prioritize and stay focused with all your data in one place.

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Data Visualizations

The intangibles become tangible

The platform has a visualization system to identify the different vital elements that impact the engagement of your team. It’s data that tells the right story.

Segmented Data

Compare and contrast scores

Mix and move data between divisions and departments with customizable groups. Unlike other platforms, every layer of management can be scored.

Historical Views

See trends over time

Track progress across departments and key metrics. Keep an eye on trends and see how different business developments impact engagement.

Thematic Overview

Get the big picture

Contextualize the scores against broader business themes for a high-level view of how your team is functioning against key indicators like Dedication, Follow-through and Energy.

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Recognize the Signs of Disengagement in Your Company

Engagement Basics

Recognize the Signs of Disengagement in Your Company

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Employee Survey Basics: Using On-Demand Surveys

On-Demand Surveys

Employee Survey Basics: Using On-Demand Surveys

One of the most useful features of the Engagement Multiplier platform is the On-Demand survey capability,...

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Hidden Threats to Company Culture

Culture & Purpose

Hidden Threats to Company Culture

It goes without saying that every organisation has faced challenges this year, pivoting how business is...

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