The ROI of Making Employee Engagement a Priority

You only have everything to gain

Fully engaged companies experience astounding results when they make employee engagement a priority. Improvements in productivity, employee retention rate, safety record, and morale lead to strong organizations that grow by leaps and bounds.

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The benefits of improving engagement

As the modern workforce changes, employers need to keep pace or get left behind. Engagement connects your team to a sense of purpose and meaning along with improved employee satisfaction. It also brings higher productivity and profitability that you can see in the numbers right away.

  • You’ll see productivity skyrocket
  • Employee satisfaction will increase
  • Absenteeism & Turnover will decrease
  • You’ll save on onboarding costs

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Improve Employee Retention

Stop losing your best talent

As competition for talent intensifies and more millennials enter the job market, Engaged Organizations have the advantage. Employees who are connected to their job, manager, and company by a shared purpose are the ones who stick around longer. They feel empowered to develop professionally, keeping them for looking for that opportunity elsewhere–and keeping you from the high cost of replacing them.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers loyal

If employees have a sense of why an organization exists, what it’s trying to accomplish, and how it’s positioned, customers also feel employee engagement benefits. Engaged employees care about the products and services that they deliver to customers, and since they have a stronger bond to their organization’s purpose, they’re more effective brand ambassadors who build stronger relationships with customers.

Boost Productivity, Culture, & Morale

Empower your people to work smarter, not harder

When employees feel connected to their company’s sense of purpose, it gives them something to care about. Humans want to find meaning in what they’re doing for 40 (or more) hours a week, and standard perks can sometimes seem like empty gestures. Employee engagement results in staff feeling involved and enthusiastic, performing to their full potential, and feeling supported and empowered. Engaged workers are more committed to doing quality work than unengaged workers, and are more present, as well as more observant of processes, standards, and systems.

  • Roi Productivity Infographic
  • Roi Culture Morale Infographic
  • Roi Productivity Infographic
  • Roi Culture Morale Infographic
  • “Actively disengaged employees are almost twice as likely as engaged employees to seek new jobs.”

    Testimonial Gallup Logo
    Gallup Workforce Study, 2017
  • “Our clients are aware that something has changed in our organization.”

    Testimonial Gary Sirak
    Gary Sirak
    Sirak Financial Services, Inc
  • “The behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability.”

    Testimonial Gallup Logo
    Gallup Workforce Study, 2017
  • “Employees sign up for a certain experience, and if they do not get that experience, they are more than willing to look elsewhere.”

    Testimonial Gallup Logo
    Gallup Workforce Study, 2017