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Simon Moore



15 September 2022

It works extremely well, is easy to use

We have found Engagement Multiplier to be a great tool. It works extremely well, is easy to use, and we have always found the team at EM to be helpful and on hand - in fact, they take quite a proactive approach. We have gained very useful information and insights from our team and most importantly we've been able to take the "right" action to improve our working environment.

Tim Mitchell, Director of People and Culture

Bordner Home Solutions

Colorado, USA

31 August 2022

EM is an irreplaceable tool

EM has made a big difference in our company. It gives us an accurate assessment of our overall employee engagement, and helps identify which areas of the company are leading or lagging in participation and commitment. EM is an irreplaceable tool for us as we grow into a bright future.


Skill Finder Group

London, UK

25 August 2022

Engagement Multiplier has helped focus the whole business

Using Engagement Multiplier has helped focus the whole business in people engagement generally. It’s been a very useful exercise which we do every 3 months with the team. Our scores keep getting better and better.


Isle of Wight, UK

3 August 2022

Makes you listen to employees and what they are saying

The Engagement Multiplier survey is easy to use and seems to be engaging staff members very well. It has provided some interesting anonymous feedback comments from employees, which as a company we have taken on board and carried out. The survey makes you listen to employees and what they are saying to improve staff morale. There are some sections/questions that are not relevant to all our departments, but we are working on how we can change this internally, although I would like to have the option of amending some survey questions on the basic survey questions.

Jeselle San Agustin


Dubai, UAE

29 July 2022

It helps the company to know the employee’s relationship with the company.

The engagement multiplier is very helpful to a company, especially about collaborating on the feedback and thoughts of the employees. It helps the company to know the employee's relationship with the company. this is also a good tool for an employee to express their thoughts for the company.

Krista Sharp

MYTIME Young Carers

Poole, UK

21 July 2022

The service we received is exceptional

MYTIME Young Carers have just completed a trial with Engagement Multiplier it was such a useful tool for understanding what our team think we are doing well and what areas we need to improve on. The service we received is exceptional, Steve Middleton and Jade Finnerty have provided great support and advice in setting the survey up and provided excellent insights when we discussed the teams feedback. Although we achieved a high engagement score, there is still plenty of room for improvement and it has allowed us to identify some key areas to focus on; including our communication, increasing the number of opportunities for us to connect as a team and supporting the team to manage their workload effectively. The team was supportive of the process and pleased to be given the opportunity to be heard. We have now signed up to Engagement Multiplier and can't wait to start implementing the suggestions made by our team.

Jill Byrne

Spade Technology

Marlborough, USA

15 July 2022

Get the true voice of our employees through anonymous surveys.

Engagement Multiplier has made a tremendous impact on our organization. The tool itself makes it easy to get the true voice of our employees through anonymous surveys. The platform also allows us to follow up directly (while keeping it anonymous) and narrow in on the details that are important to our company. We have been able to gain and implement some tremendous insight with these surveys. It also provides a user-friendly way to view, analyze and share information. Our consultant has also been a vital part of the success we have experienced. She is responsive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and eager to help us utilize Engagement Multiplier in a way that best suits our company. She is also always reaching out with best practices and insight. I feel she truly cares about the success of our company.


London, UK

4 July 2022

The reports are very clear and easy to extract information from for us to share with the organisation

Engagement Multiplier is a great tool for us to measure the engagement of our employees. It provides them an autonomous platform where they can speak their mind and offer improvements and initiatives which they would like to be introduced into the business. The reports are very clear and easy to extract information from for us to share with the organisation.

Jing Jing Shi

Advisa Wealth

Jersey, UK

28 June 2022

System is user friendly.

System is user friendly. Support has been helpful.

Zinnia Angus

Montgomery Group

London, UK

23 June 2022

Brilliant customer service from the start.

Brilliant customer service from the start. Surveys provide great insight and really do drive engagement

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