Today we’re releasing a white paper, New Threats to Company Culture Post-Covid, that delves into the effects the pandemic has had on employees that many employers are overlooking, which in turn is putting increased pressure on company culture.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been cautioning about the looming culture crisis we believe many organisations are likely to encounter in the coming months.

In an earlier article, our founder Stefan Wissenbach shared the four phases of cultural change necessary for leaders, in order to ensure desire cultural changes persist. The first, acceptance, hinges upon a leader’s realisation that employees have been overlooked, and taken somewhat for granted, while the focus has been upon marshaling the pandemic response. Alternatively, acceptance can also happen when a leader’s gut instincts tell her that something is off within the organisation – such as a decline in morale, or decrease in work quality.

Understanding is the critical next step for leaders, and that’s where this paper comes in. Today’s circumstances are presenting entirely new and unique challenges for leaders. The leader who simply relies upon his past experiences or instincts is likely to overlook the new forces that are undermining corporate culture today.

New Threats to Company Culture first explains the importance of a culture that’s aligned with business strategy in the context of business performance and recovery from difficult times.

The paper goes on to define the four unique threats to company culture posed by today’s circumstances and backs them with third-party evidence and data.

Lastly, the paper discusses the role a strong central purpose can play in repairing and strengthening culture, while also positioning the company more advantageously in its marketplace.

Downloadable White Paper

Leaders wishing to assess the cultural health of their teams, and identify to what extent the four forces are present within their organisations, can utilise our new “Covid Culture Check” on-demand survey. Learn more here.