Within every business challenge is an opportunity to engage employees.

Yes, I realise that I may sound like a Pollyanna when I say this, but hear me out.

Whatever the business is facing, the employees are facing it, too. In fact, they’re the ones with the sales quotas to meet, the upset customers to soothe, the workload to juggle, and the job that feels like it’s on the line. They have ideas, and those can be incredibly valuable to you.

This moment in time is wholly unique. We’ve never been through a time like this before, in which we’re navigating a global pandemic that upended something as fundamental as how we work. Layer onto that the isolating effects lockdown, a global labor shortage, social unrest, supply chain disruption – well, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How leadership responds when the going gets tough can make or break the business.

The good news is that some answers are starting to emerge. We’re developing a better understanding of how the pandemic and lockdown affected people, and what employers can do to help their staff regain their enthusiasm and connection. We’re able to see patterns in engagement data and other elements of the employee experience that are resolving into trends leaders should be aware of for the coming year.

Lastly, in addition to the key employee engagement trends for 2022, I’m also going to share with you what I see as an imperative for leaders for the coming year if they hope to successfully navigate the challenges before us. I’m calling this observation an imperative, because with it, every leadership decision could be better, and without it, every decision could be a risk.

I’m hosting a webinar, that will bring all this information together. Join me for a discussion that will include:

  • Business trends and the employee engagement opportunities they present
  • Employee engagement trends for 2022
  • The leadership quality I consider an absolute imperative for the coming year.

Attendees will walk away with more than awareness of trends. I will also be providing practical ideas and tactics you can apply to your business immediately to strengthen your company culture, engage your people, and improve morale, performance, and even retention.