As more business owners are seeing the value in gathering employee feedback, we’ve seen an upsurge in business trying to run their own ‘DIY’ internal surveys. On one hand, we are delighted that more business owners are asking their employees for input. But, if the aim is to improve employee engagement…DIYing an employee survey may not work as well as one would wish.

One case study reported by the Work Institute looked at what happened when a large healthcare provider with 5,000 employees implemented a free online survey tool to try and increase employee engagement. Not only did the free survey not improve engagement or retention rates, but it ended up costing them “in time spent trying to wrangle responses” and “untangle data” – with the end result of still not having a solid plan for meaningful change.

Don’t be that business. Nobody has time for that.

Five reasons why clients work with us rather than use a free survey tool:

1. Workload – Businesses are often surprised at how much time it takes to collect, analyze and respond to their DIY survey responses

Running surveys internally is hard work and time-consuming. Data has to be collected and then analyzed before action can be taken. The internal time costs to create surveys and collect and analyze data alone often exceed the modest investment required to have Engagement Multiplier do all the heavy lifting, and analysis. Clients that use our platform are able to spend the time they have available to make an impact, dealing with the insights and opportunities delivered by our unique approach.

2. Cost/ROI – Sure, the cost of DIY is cheap, but compare the ROI of the results

Most of our clients experience a significant ROI in the first 90 days alone. While there is a modest investment – after the free trial – when you factor in the time savings and workload internally and put these alongside the measurable business impact our technology provides, Engagement Multiplier is normally the cost-effective option.

What ROI can you expect in 90 days?

Our clients have reported business-changing insights, improved work environment, higher energy in the office, improved communication, and higher employee retention rates. Here’s some recent feedback from one of our new clients:

“Within a matter of 8 weeks, I can honestly say that our company has an entirely different feel thanks to Engagement Multiplier. And as Senior Manager, I have finally found the one thing that I have been looking for to enhance my own job satisfaction.

The Chief Financial Officer is happy because he can see that if we work with those anonymous staff who identify as being unengaged or fragmented and retain their employment, we could potentially save ourselves £8,000 in replacement costs. With a company with staff turnover of 26% minimum, that is quite a saving. We estimate a return on investment of just over £1,000,000 at 12 months.”
– Karen Jarritt, Director & Head of People at Allied Care Ltd.

3. Confidentiality – Anonymity is key to getting the most useful, most honest answers

To get the best feedback, confidentiality is key. You simply cannot create the same perception of confidentiality and anonymity with an internal survey, which impacts the honesty of employee responses and the effectiveness of the exercise. What’s more, our platform enables two way confidential and anonymous feedback with the writer of a comment – something you don’t get to do with internal surveys.

Innovations like these open safe pathways for truly open and honest communication, which is a key ingredient in employee engagement. You can’t get the same results if employees don’t feel like they can tell you what they really think.

4. Community – It takes a village to run a business. With us, you’re not alone

We’re building a fabulous community of business owners and leaders engaging their teams to grow their businesses. Ideas get shared as does best practice. There’s value in being part of that and we’d love to have you on board.

5. Capability – Our survey was built specifically to help businesses like yours

We’ve spent over £11m creating the technology that is Engagement Multiplier. It’s specifically designed to perform with businesses like yours and has been, and continues to be, refined based on user feedback. It’s incomparable to an internal survey created via survey monkey or similar. It’s simply not practical to develop the same capabilities with an internal survey – let alone being cost and time prohibitive. For example, we’ve just partnered with Google to use their fabulous AI technology that will give our clients even deeper levels of insight into what their employees really feel (incidentally all upgrades are made with no extra charge – we have one fixed price).

Don’t take our word for it. Try Engagement Multiplier for yourself. The first survey is free, and we guarantee that the answers you find will shine a new light on what your business needs to thrive and grow.

“Engagement Multiplier is a Game Changer….
And I say that as a veteran of almost every survey option that we have utilized having fostered disappointment, frustration and inertia. The beauty of Engagement Multiplier is that it is not onerous for the staff to complete, is revelatory in its results and offers a tangible guide to management as to what is necessary to fully engage its most precious asset – the workforce. The 90-day frequency means it is a dynamic tool, rather than retrospective, and the participants actually believe it gives them a say and involvement in the future of the company. It is not often that simplicity can engender such sophistication and positivity – I have never before truly felt that I knew the wishes of my staff so incontrovertibly.”
– Jeremy King. Corbin & King