Engagement Multiplier, a leading SaaS-based employee engagement platform serving small and medium-sized businesses, today announced a new on-demand survey to assess employee mental health and wellbeing.

Designed to be used either as a short, stand-alone survey or appended to a quarterly Benchmark Assessment employee engagement survey, the new mental health and wellbeing on-demand survey enables leaders to evaluate their organisation across three dimensions:

  • Perception: Is mental wellbeing top-of-mind for employees? This section explores how important employees believe the topic is, whether or not stigma prevents discussion within the organisation about mental health, and their perceptions of changes in behavior and emotions in others and themselves.
  • Impact: How is the mental health and wellbeing of my employees being impacted today? This section helps leaders understand the degree to which workplace or job-related stress is present and other issues that may be impacting employees, such as lack of social connections, family health concerns, or financial uncertainty.
  • Employee expectations & company support: Do my employees feel our company is invested in their mental health and wellbeing? In addition to gathering feedback on company policy and programs, this section also explores cultural elements, such as empathy from others, as well as support from managers and commitment from leadership and HR.

Current Engagement Multiplier clients can access the mental health and wellbeing survey in their dashboard, or they can request to have it added to their next scheduled Benchmark Assessment. An accompanying success guide provides additional guidance on interpreting survey results.

Companies new to Engagement Multiplier are invited to use the Benchmark Assessment and mental health and wellbeing survey together, at no cost, as part of the company’s “Purpose Before Profit” pandemic recovery initiative, which includes access to the Engagement Multiplier platform and tools such as Secure Follow-Up. If you’re interested, claim your free survey by clicking the “Learn More” button at the bottom of this page.