There’s much to look forward to in the new year, especially now that multiple vaccines are rolling out, and an end to the pandemic starts to resolve on the horizon.

However, between now and then, company leaders are going to have their hands full. A succinct line from the Harvard Business Review sums it up thusly: “…the home stretch will be long and perhaps take a greater toll on our professional and personal lives than we expect it to.”

There’s little question that the rate and scale of change we’ve experienced this year are going to continue, and one of the questions leaders need to consider is the readiness of their organizations’ leadership group.

“Great managers, unlike bad or even mediocre ones, can significantly improve their team’s performance from any location. Great managers can also boost team engagement and keep burnout at bay much more than anything else can,” notes a recent article from Gallup.

What actions can you take to upskill your leadership team?

Read this ebook: 

Today we’re introducing our latest ebook: The Seven C’s – The Seven Qualities Leaders Need for Post-Covid Success. It’s packed with examples and ideas one can use to elevate leadership skills, either individually or for a whole team.

The Seven C’s eBook (US) | The Seven C’s eBook (UK)

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Take the self-assessment:

At the end of the ebook, you’ll find a self-assessment worksheet. Pour a hot drink, then have a very frank and honest discussion with yourself as you work through it. Identify the areas you would like to improve and concentrate on them over the next several months. If you lead other leaders, share the ebook and worksheet with them.

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If the ebook and worksheet were useful, consider the next step: assessing leadership effectiveness company-wide. You’ll see at a glance where the weaknesses exist within your organization, and the support we provide will help you take immediate action to develop the company’s leaders and make an end-run around the threats poor leadership can pose to a team.

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