Crispin Manners is CEO of Onva Consulting and Chairman of the Employee Engagement Alliance in the UK, an organization that champions employee engagement and professional development. Crispin is also one of our longest-standing partners.

He’s passionate about unlocking people’s potential through communication, as are we. But what tipped the scales to make him decide to be an EM Partner was this:

The ability to measure improvements

Crispin says: “Over the years I’ve seen leaders of businesses need tangible proof that investment in people makes a difference, and one of the really neat things about Engagement Multiplier is it gives very quick data, which is number-oriented. For the average CEO, the fact that they can track an improving score very quickly, they really like that.”

But, he’s quick to add that Engagement Multiplier is more than just a scoring system: “It really drives the transformation process in the way managers interact with their people and how that drives productivity and pride in the business.”

How Crispin uses Engagement Multiplier with his clients

When Crispin’s consulting clients tell him the core goals they’d like to achieve – whether it’s growth, talent development or retention – he brings in Engagement Multiplier as “a way of surfacing whether or not you’re creating the culture that unlocks that potential.”

“Quite often, when you’re in the ivory tower of the boardroom, you can be a bit disconnected with what it’s like to work at the sharp end, and Engagement Multiplier is a really great way of surfacing how people really feel, driven by the anonymity of the platform.

A lot of other straightforward survey platforms don’t give you that, and they don’t give you the closed-loop communication. If an issue is surfaced, you can actually deal with it. So I think from that perspective, it’s a brilliant way of giving some depth to a consulting program.”

Favorite client success story

Crispin says that every time he’s implemented Engagement Multiplier for a client, he’s seen success – for different reasons, depending on their needs.

“Our longest serving Engagement Multiplier client has been on the platform for about three years, so they’ve been through at least eight or nine iterations. The real success for me is seeing how that’s driven development of the leadership team. It’s encouraged them to become much more self-aware.

They asked us to do a 360 review of them, which resulted in a senior leadership training program because they realized they had gaps in their own capability.”

Crispin has also seen important knowledge gaps bridged that, once understood, elevate his clients’ businesses.

“They realized that there was a genuine friction point between what the leadership team thought and what employees thought. At the leader-level, they weren’t communicating the purpose of the business in a way that the employees understood. That opened up a whole layer of training opportunities around line managers, how they communicate, and how they could understand the purpose themselves to make it real for their teams.”

What’s exciting Crispin about partnering with Engagement Multiplier

“Sometimes, in partner models I’ve seen in the past, there’s no incentive for you to sign up a partner because there’s a revenue conflict or a service conflict. I think Engagement Multiplier’s team has really thought about how to remove as many of those potential barriers as possible. The revenue model is completely transparent. By becoming a partner of a partner, you don’t earn any less than you would if you went direct.

I also think the way Engagement Multiplier has removed the barriers to customers’ experiencing the platform with the free trial, with no catches, is brilliant.

From my perspective, the opportunities are only limited by your desire to capitalize on your network and to help the clients that sign up.”

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