On-Demand surveys allow you to ask specific questions to specific groups anytime you need to. We get a lot of questions about when to use On-Demand surveys and what questions will yield the most insightful results. Here are our suggestions.

Part 1: When to use On-Demand surveys vs. the Benchmark Employee Engagement survey

Our benchmark survey was originally designed to go out every 90 days, giving organizations a chance to get maximum participation, analyze the results, prioritize goals, and come up with a realistic action plan to meet them before the next survey. That works for most organizations; some require a different timeline. But, sometimes, you just need to drill down into one area of your business in greater depth, or…

You see evidence of survey fatigue…

If you notice a drop-off in the 90-day survey participation rates, it may be time to ask more targeted questions tailored to the needs of specific teams.

Check out our previous article on combating survey fatigue.

You want to get everyone involved in something fun…

Engagement Manager Elizabeth Calderon has been seeing some clients using On-Demand surveys for fun things, like employee recognition. Everyone gets to vote anonymously for the Employee of the Quarter.

You’ve made fast progress on your goals and want to make sure your efforts have impact…

Few clients score well on the Engaged Purpose section of their very first survey – questions like “Is your organization’s purpose openly shared and talked about?” Or “Is your Engaged Purpose written down where everyone can see it?” The big effort after the first survey is usually to draft and share the Engaged Purpose, but the tasks don’t actually take much time.

We often suggest using an On-Demand survey before the second benchmark survey so clients can see their progress in communicating their Engaged Purpose. If the purpose is crystal-clear and communicated to the whole company, the client can then move on to other goals instead of waiting 90 days for the next survey cycle. It’s also fun to see evidence that the actions you take are having a measurable impact on your business – On-Demand surveys are a great way to ‘take the pulse’ of your efforts.

Part 2: What to ask your employees & when…

When you want to know how employees are doing in their roles.

These Y/N statements will give you insights into how well employees are doing in their roles, and how satisfied they are.

  • I am happy with my current role and level of responsibility. Y/N
  • The amount of work I have is manageable. Y/N
  • I have the resources necessary to complete my work. Y/N

When you’re looking for fresh ideas.

Open-ended on-demand survey questions like these are ideal for surfacing opportunities.

  • You are the boss – what is the one thing we should stop doing right now to improve our business?
  • You are the boss – what is the one thing we should start doing right now to improve our business?
  • What is the #1 reason we lose customers?

When you want to know what your employees really think of their benefits.

Multiple choice questions and Y/N statements can help you target specific answers, without inviting a free-for-all.

  • Which of the following benefits is most important to you?
    • Pension
    • Death in Service
    • Permanent Sickness
    • BUPA
    • Extra paid holiday
  • I have the right amount of flexibility and choice over my employee benefits.
  • I believe my organization offers a good range of benefits.

When you’re ready to tackle employee retention.

There’s nothing like an anonymous survey to reveal what employees really think, why they really leave, and why they stay. These questions require some bravery to ask.

  • What is the main reason people leave the company?
  • What one word would you use to describe the working environment?
  • I feel valued. Y/N

When you want to make sure the employee training you invest in is effective.

Personal and professional development opportunities make or break recruitment and retention – room to grow is why people stay (or leave). Make sure you’re offering the right growth opportunities with these on-demand survey questions.

  • In what one subject would you like additional training?
  • I receive learning opportunities that support my development and allow me to do my job effectively. Y/N
  • I have an opportunity to develop and progress at our company if I want to. Y/N

When you’re ready to address the BIG issues.

Health and safety issues, systemic problems, toxic work environments – it’s not easy to surface these issues or fix them, but it’s far too costly to ignore them. Give your employees a chance to present the problems that affect them most, and offer possible solutions.

  • What is the most pointless and draining thing we do?
  • Are there any areas or issues that cause you concern regarding health & safety?
  • What is the one thing we must improve?

Contact us for an entire four-page document full of ideas for more On-Demand survey questions! Or if you have an area of concern or even curiosity, we’re delighted to help you come up with your own custom survey questions!