When employees at any level feel the work they do fulfills their purpose, the outcomes are not just remarkable – they’re measurable. As we highlighted in an earlier article, employers stand to make important gains in employee engagement, loyalty, advocacy, and retention when employees feel their personal purpose aligns with their employer’s.

But how to achieve this purposeful alignment? The opportunity to do so is within easy reach for most employers – because workers value the opportunity to do purposeful work, and fully 70% look to their work for that sense of purpose.

All employers need to do is ensure their employees are connected with the organisation’s purpose and have a clear understanding of how their role contributes.

However, all of this hinges upon having a purpose that energises your team.

A simple way to create a company purpose that resonates with your people

To help leaders define (or refresh) their company’s purpose, we’ve created the Defining Purpose Survey.

By helping you identify what engages your team the most, the survey results will provide a perspective you can use as a foundation to build a purpose statement that will truly connect, inspire, and engage your employees.

It’s a simple approach that concentrates on two areas: finding shared values and identifying examples of engaging moments as experienced by your employees.

Shared values

The shared values feedback will enable you to identify and focus on what matters most to the majority of your team. If you’re familiar with our ‘Creating an Engaged Purpose’ guide, you’ll find this survey streamlines the process, eliminating the need for companies to create their own set of statements.

Examples of engagement 

An effective purpose statement connects with employees in meaningful ways. The ‘examples of engagement’ section will enable you to uncover real examples of moments when employees felt energised and inspired. These stories can be used as further input to craft a purpose statement that is authentic, aspirational, and connects emotionally with your team.

With these two elements in hand, you’ll be equipped to frame your company’s purpose in a way that will be meaningful to your team. And therein is both the beauty and the power of this exercise, because a clearly stated purpose that people believe in and connect with is the very source of the engagement, motivation, and resilience so many leaders seek at this particular moment.

Current Engagement Multiplier clients can access the Defining Purpose survey on their dashboards. For those new to Engagement Multiplier, we’re offering free access to the Defining Purpose survey for 30 days – plenty of time to use the survey and download your results. To access this survey and our platform, simply click the “Free Trial” button on this page to create your profile and claim your offer.