There’s no doubt this is an incredibly hectic time for business leaders, and the news this week of Covid-19 cases flaring up across Europe and the Americas hasn’t made things any easier. It’s easy to understand why some people are tempted to delay (or even avoid) running employee engagement surveys, in favor of waiting until things normalize a bit.

Unfortunately, that return to normalcy is going to take a while, and in the meantime, businesses continue to face myriad challenges and rapid change.

Fact is, we are shaping the new normal right now.  It’s extremely unlikely that the world will revert to its pre-Covid state, especially the growing prevalence of some elements of the new normal, such as:

  • Remote working is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future
  • Rapid change has become a fact of life for all of us, including businesses
  • The employee experience has changed dramatically

Against the backdrop of the new normal, leaders are also tasked with keeping their teams focused, productive and engaged — including those that are continuing to work from home.

Here’s why right now is a great time to survey employees  

Running an employee engagement survey now will provide clear data and feedback enabling you to identify areas of the business that need help, and take the needed action. You’ll be establishing a benchmark from which you can build.

If you’ve been routinely surveying your employees, but have delayed a survey due to uncertainty and upheaval, reconsider. A survey done now will impart a wide-ranging perspective on the impact of the pandemic on your people.

What can leaders learn from an employee engagement survey?  

In a period of such rapid change, fear, and uncertainty, there are a multitude of insights leaders can gain from an employee engagement survey that will help them improve business performance – immediately.  These insights include:

  • Assessing whether employees understand the current strategy, and have the tools they need to deliver it
  • Learning which teams are struggling, and understanding how to help them.
  • Identifying which leaders within your organization are equipped to lead successfully through change, and who needs some support
  • Understanding which teams have been significantly impacted by the pandemic

Give yourself an advantage and access the insights you need to guide your company through this difficult time and emerge stronger than ever.  Check-in with your team by fielding an engagement survey.  And if you don’t have access to a survey tool, Engagement Multiplier is making our benchmark assessment – plus an optional survey module that assesses leader effectiveness – available to business leaders free, no strings attached. You can deploy it in minutes and in short order have a clear view of where your company stands.