In a highly competitive market, the need to differentiate yourself from your competition could not be more important. It is no secret that employee retention, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance is dependent on the employee experience you create.

A team driven by a shared sense of purpose, that comes to work present, focused, and energized, can be the difference between a thriving, dynamic business versus one filled with firefighting, headache-inducing, profit-wasting issues, and problems. High staff turnover and absenteeism, customer complaints and poor productivity have a direct correlation with the engagement of your team.

An Engaged Purpose™ details the transformation you are trying to create and inspires your team while providing the structure and framework to align individual daily activities with the larger aspirations of the organization.

A meaningful purpose statement is the very core of an Engaged Organization. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It connects team members, provides structure, and gives everyone shared goals. It makes attracting and retaining productive talent and growing a business so much easier. It simplifies difficult decisions and makes an uncertain future easier to navigate.

Based on 15 years of research, we have developed a simple yet effective 5-step approach for creating your engaged purpose and connecting all of your staff to it. Do not be put off by its simplicity – it works!