Employee engagement was something that Ian White was familiar with in his role of MD at Beckett Investment Management Group because the firm provides employee benefit consulting to organizations across the UK.

He knew how much an engaged and motivated workforce can transform a business, and so he was very specific about selecting the right solution for Becketts.

Three Engagement Must-Haves

The solution had to be innovative

“We had already achieved a high level of engagement amongst our staff and so we wanted to make sure we would be implementing an innovative program.”

It had to deliver tangible results and set of actions

“Employee engagement is a very soft subject so I had to be sure the program could provide meaningful results with precise actions.”

Key characteristic: Something that keeps management on their toes

“I wanted a program that meant employee engagement was always at the front of our management team’s minds rather than the traditional approach where actions were taken just one week before the next employee survey.”

How did Engagement Multiplier stack up against those requirements?

Ian hoped that the 90-day survey cycle provided by Engagement Multiplier would “… deliver employee engagement as part of the culture.” And that is exactly what he’s finding.

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“I’ve been impressed with the level of engagement we attained from the team. We’ve now completed three surveys and they have all provided a variety of comments and insights that were deep and broad. These have enabled me to consider particular issues in a very different way.”

The employee engagement approach at Engagement Multiplier is definitely innovative and designed to deliver tangible results (with tangible actions).

90% of Engagement Multiplier clients reach Engaged status by their fourth survey!

A big part of our innovation and our impressive results is our 90-day survey cycle. We’ve tested it – three months is the ideal amount of time for companies to measure engagement levels, see where they need to improve, come up with a plan and follow through with it.

As Ian White noted, it’s often the second survey where clients see significant changes because, after one cycle, employees have seen how their input is used to make real, tangible changes in the business. Once employees feel heard, you’ll be amazed at how much they have to say – and how much they can improve parts of your process you might never have considered.

Becketts also needed Engagement Multiplier to solve a significant challenge—attracting and retaining the best employees.

“We have one specific industry challenge in financial services which may not be unique – it’s the shortage of quality staff.
That’s not just client-facing staff; it’s staff for all positions across the business.”

To attract the best employees, Becketts needed a differentiator – something to set Beckett Investment Management Group apart and help them achieve their objective of becoming “the best-in-class employer.”

“We wanted to become the employer of choice for existing and potential staff so we felt we needed to take action rather than just talk about it.

Engagement Multiplier allowed us to do this.”