As the “Great Reshuffle” continues to pan out and employee turnover is forecasted to accelerate for the remainder of this year, many executives are finding it increasingly difficult to retain employees.

Leaders are finding the tools they can bring to bear, such as retention bonuses and pay increases, do not result in the employee loyalty and workforce stability they hoped for.

Our new eBook, The Workplace People Don’t Want to Leave, offers an alternative approach, inviting executives to concentrate on why people stay at their organsiations.

A sustainable way to improve employee retention – and more 

When leaders concentrate on the factors that employees find so compelling and gratifying that they’re happy to stay in their current roles, they can bolster the employee value proposition and find the differentiators that make the organisation an employer of choice.

Similarly, by identifying the areas that need improvement, an employer can take focused action to bolster the stay factors for the whole organisation, leading to improvements in employee retention, morale, performance, and engagement.

The stay factors that motivate people to stick with their current roles may be surprising to some. Salary and benefits are on the list – but they’re not at the top, presenting leaders with opportunities to make improvements that don’t require significant financial outlays.

The new eBook explores in detail the factors that motivate people to stay with their employer, as well as tactics leaders can employ to strengthen the stay factors within their organisation, and more, including:

  • The 10 ‘stay factors’ that motivate people to stay in their jobs,
  • 4 tactics for creating the workplace people don’t want to leave,
  • How to conduct ‘stay interviews’,
  • More than 30 insightful stay interview questions you can use to create high-value conversations.

Free offer for readers

Readers who are new to Engagement Multiplier will also receive a free trial of the Engagement Multiplier platform, enabling them to use the new Stay Factors survey to assess the strength of the stay factors within their workplace. Current clients can access the survey from their dashboards.

Download your free copy of The Workplace People Don’t Want to Leave.