Engagement Multiplier, a leading SaaS employee engagement platform built for small to medium enterprises, today announced the release of a new On-Demand Survey designed to assess how the pandemic and its unique circumstances have affected employees and impacted company culture.

“The Covid Culture Check,” is a short employee survey designed to assess culture across multiple dimensions that are under particular pressure due to the changes the pandemic has imposed on businesses and individuals. The culture survey questions address:

  • Employee fatigue and burnout,
  • Misalignment between employers and employees,
  • Resistance to returning to the workplace,
  • Misunderstanding of how employees’ expectations of employers have changed.

“Business leaders are about to be hit out of the blue with employee issues they never saw coming,” warns Engagement Multiplier founder and CEO Stefan Wissenbach. “The tragedy is that this will occur just as businesses are poised for recovery and need all hands on deck.”

Designed to be used either in conjunction with the company’s comprehensive employee engagement survey – the Benchmark Assessment – or as a focused, stand-alone survey, the Covid Culture Check allows leaders to quickly understand how their employees are feeling and the state of the company’s culture.

“The Culture Check survey will provide immediate feedback leaders can use to identify the extent to which their company culture is threatened, and if so, the nature of the challenges present within their organisations,” Wissenbach notes. “The insights the survey provides enable leaders to take focused action to resolve problems and ensure the team is connected and moving forward.”

Engagement Multiplier has also recently released a white paper outlining the particular challenges to company culture and business performance today’s unique situation has created. “New Threat to Company Culture Post-Covid” can be downloaded here.

The Engagement Multiplier platform includes Secure Follow-Up, an anonymous two-way communication tool enabling leaders to respond to employee feedback while maintaining the employees’ confidentiality and anonymity.

Current Engagement Multiplier clients can access the Covid Culture Check survey in their dashboard, or they can request to have it added to their next scheduled Benchmark Assessment. An accompanying success guide provides additional guidance on interpreting and responding to survey results.

Companies new to Engagement Multiplier are invited to use the Benchmark Assessment and Covid Culture Check together, at no cost, as part of the company’s “Purpose Before Profit” pandemic recovery initiative, which includes access to the Engagement Multiplier platform and tools such as Secure Follow-Up. Those who are interested can learn more or claim their free surveys here.