What do our brave, caring, identifiable owners appreciate most about Engagement Multiplier? What are the biggest challenges engagement has brought to their attention? How have their businesses changed as a result?

We wanted to get to the heart of the real value of employee engagement, so we asked our clients to weigh in. The result was 10 insightful comments by business leaders that are the most honest, thoughtful, and genuine employee engagement quotes you’ll find.

Receiving 100% anonymous feedback

“You can’t fix something if you don’t know it exists. The big thing is you have to be ready for the comments. You have to be in that mindset that it’s nothing but constructive criticism. You have to accept it and then be willing to do something to change it.”

– Sheri Spencer Bachman, Owner & President of Spencer Pest Services

“You just have to really take a breath and have others in your leadership group looking at these comments with you to have the perspective that’s necessary to work through it. People make comments because they’re confused, they don’t understand, they’re afraid. They have all different places they’re coming from. And that’s probably the biggest shock for me, just being able to wrap my head around the comments, the things that people had to say, and be able to respond to them from a place of just not judging them, not being angry, just really listening to what they were saying, and acknowledging that; and then be willing to do the work afterwards.”

– Debbie Davis, President of Davis Staffing

Being a brave owner

“It forces you to take a hard look in the mirror, and has been a cornerstone in building a more engaged culture.”

– Jennifer Borislow, President & Founding Principal of Borislow Insurance

Making improvements

“There have definitely been some conversations through the Suggestion Box that definitely wouldn’t have happened without Engagement Multiplier. For me, I don’t know if this is a surprise or revelation, but it showed me that it’s not actually that difficult to make people happier if you tackle things bit by bit, focus on one thing at a time and actually deliver . Then generally, I think, people do tend to see that you are at least trying to make things better and that has an impact. Engagement Multiplier helps you give that some structure and actually make more granular progress.”

– Will Brooks, Managing Director of Racontuer

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“You gain a competitive advantage when you realize that, despite your efforts, there is always room for improvement.”

– Rob McClelland, Founder of The McClelland Financial Group and a Senior Financial Planner and Co-Branch Manager of Assante Capital Management Ltd.


“I’ve always kind of suffered under the delusion that I’m approachable and that my door is always open and people can come and talk to me. And some people do. You clearly have to know how happy, how satisfied staff are with what’s going on. We have to have some way in which the people can raise issues that they’re concerned about. I think the beauty of Engagement Multiplier is that it’s anonymous and it can remain anonymous, but it gives us the ability to say “It’s okay to have those conversations. You can come to me about those kinds of things.”

Larry Grady, CEO of Purley Park Trust

“You may have a vision for your business but you need your staff to “buy into” that vision. More staff engagement means better business practices.”

Rob McClelland, Founder of The McClelland Financial Group and a Senior Financial Planner and Co-Branch Manager of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Quality staff acquisition and retention

“We have one specific industry challenge in financial services, which may not be unique, but, for financial services it’s the shortage of quality staff. That’s not just client-facing staff, that’s staff for all positions across the business. Our objective was to become the best in class employer. A best employer of choice. And Engagement Multiplier enabled us to do this.”

Ian White, Managing Director of Beckett Investment Management Group

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“There are strategies that have resulted from Engagement Multiplier, such as: We created a Human Resource Manual to clarify practices; Management attends all semi-annual reviews as well as annual reviews; we have quarterly touchpoints with staff; we are introducing motivational events; and highlighting staff accomplishments in our “Spotlight” at each Weekly Team meeting. In addition, staff have given us great ideas that they would implement if they were the boss for a day!”

Rob McClelland, Founder of The McClelland Financial Group and a Senior Financial Planner and Co-Branch Manager of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Why clients are recommending Engagement Multiplier

“It’s a cutting edge tool and a robust tool for really understanding, on an ongoing basis, how the troops are doing and feeling, and then taking action. There’s a repository of useful information that you can look into, downloads and sort of self-help booklets. I looked at a few of them. It shows, even though we are in the early days, our commitment to the organization. That even though we’re a small business, this is as important or more important to us as it would be to a large, multi-national.

We have the understanding of how we’re enjoying work, and how we’re working together, and work into our values, it’s just as important, or more important. It shows a commitment to measure that and do something about it on an ongoing basis.”

Jason Atkinson, Managing Director of Russam GMS

We know the ROI of employee engagement isn’t just measured in dollars, and we thank our clients for sharing their real results from using Engagement Multiplier. If there’s one truth that runs through every comment we receive, it’s this: Honest, open communication is the foundation for positive, impactful change to happen – and for businesses to grow.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us about engagement, we invite you to email us at Support@engagementmultiplier.com.