“Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”

Never before has that phrase rung so true. The wild changes in societies and economies as a result of the pandemic have essentially put paid to trusted models constructed with data from recent years. The trusted key performance indicators we’ve relied upon for years are diminished if not rendered entirely useless by the black swan event that unfolded earlier this year.

If there ever was an outlier, 2020 is it.

And yet, we still need to plan. We still need to chart a way forward, despite all the uncertainty ahead. It’s enough to make you check your desk drawer again, just to be sure you didn’t overlook the crystal ball or magic wand that would produce answers to the murky questions that can make or break a successful strategy.

  • Are your top employees more likely to leave than stay?
  • Do silos threaten the integrity of your strategy?
  • Are your company leaders capable of leading effectively into uncertainty?
  • Is your organization equipped to deal with uncertain market conditions?

Life is easier when you have the answers to these questions. Knowing where your organization stands and whether they’re aligned and on the same page as you are key deciding factors in whether the strategy you have so carefully set is successfully executed. You need to know if your employees aren’t ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, or if their leaders are obfuscating your messages.

We don’t have crystal balls or magic wands, but we do know how to divine the answers to these kinds of questions using employee engagement data.

To learn how to answer these questions for your company, and increase the likelihood of success in the coming year watch our latest webinar.

Main photo via flickr