The Engagement Multiplier survey gives you insights into a lot, but do you ever wish you could take a deeper dive into a specific area of your business? Target a specific issue? Give some extra attention to the departments or teams that need it?

Or, maybe you have a situation like this – one we frequently see, with some variation:

After a year of using Engagement Multiplier, this client had reached Engaged Status consistently for 3 out of 4 surveys – terrific! But, thanks to the feedback on those surveys, this client also knows that their communication needs work, especially within their accounting department.

Scenarios like this are why we’re introducing on-demand surveys.

With On-Demand Surveys, this hypothetical client can send a survey just about communication, only to the accounting department. The accounting department will be more likely to participate because the survey directly pertains to them. And – they’ll appreciate the additional attention, knowing that they shared a specific concern and are getting the chance to help leaders take meaningful action.

How are on-demand surveys different?

On-Demand surveys are different than our regular anonymous employee survey, which acts as a benchmark to let you know where you are, where you’ve been, and where you need to go, as well as alerting you to issues that require more attention.

When you need more details, a short, targeted, specific survey can yield information quickly and just as anonymously.

For businesses who have reached engaged status, on-demand surveys can expand the possibilities of how to optimize your business to be even better.

And, no matter what level of engagement you have – you can use the On-Demand survey capability to essentially customize survey content and frequency to your needs.

On-demand surveys allow you to:

  • Avoid survey fatigue with custom content that pertains to specific teams
  • Have control over the wording and timing, so you gather the right feedback at the right time
  • Focus on key themes, topics, and initiatives

On-demand surveys are especially useful for:

  • Teams experiencing survey fatigue – send a survey when you need to, on your schedule, responding to your needs
  • Departments with different levels of engagement – some may not need surveys every 90 days, while others benefit from a regular check-in

You can also use on-demand surveys to:

  • Get feedback immediately after company meetings
  • Dive deeper into department issues
  • Get input before investing in a new initiative
  • Gain insight into your company culture and values
  • Generate new ideas and innovations

Not sure how to phrase your survey questions? We’re working on that too. We are in the process of developing an On-Demand Survey Library of templates that cover a list of topics, created for you by industry experts.

If you have questions about On-Demand, please contact