With the ‘Great Resignation’ impacting businesses across the globe, it’s likely your company has some new faces joining your team.

Good news, these new hires have a completely fresh perspective on your business and the processes you use. This means it’s the perfect opportunity to gather feedback on and refine, your employee onboarding and interview experiences.

Research shows a systematic onboarding process can bring employees up to speed 50% faster than one that’s disorganised. Amid the current labour shortage, a well-thought-out onboarding plan can give your business a substantial advantage and more quickly ease the stress your current employees are feeling.

Similarly, taking time to ask and improve your interview process will give you a competitive edge in recruiting new talent. Did your new hire understand and feel informed throughout the interview stages? Were their questions responded to promptly? Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial in today’s job market.

New hire survey questions: the interview

Your new hires have a wealth of knowledge to share about their interview experience, but what exactly should you be asking to get the insight you need? While our platform allows you to create a completely customised On-Demand survey, these questions can help you get started.

  • Did you find it easy or difficult to apply for the position?
  • Did you receive sufficient communication about your application status?
  • Did you feel informed about each stage’s next steps during the interview process?
  • Do you think the job description aligns well with what is expected of you?
  • What was your first impression of the company? Please describe it in three words.
  • Do you have any additional suggestions we can use to improve the interview process?

At Engagement Multiplier, we believe in a Kaizen approach to growth, and acting upon the answers to these questions will allow you to do the same. Implementing incremental changes based on feedback will help your company stand out amongst prospects. After all, the interview process is your candidates first look at how the organisation works.

New hire survey questions: employee onboarding

Onboarding is absolutely crucial to organisational success. Glassdoor found that organisations with a strong employee onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%, but according to Gallup, a whopping 88% of employees feel their employer did a poor job of onboarding.

So, what can you ask your new joiners to ensure you’re onboarding employees to the best of your ability? These questions will help you dig into things like culture fit, processes, and overall level of learning.

  • Did you feel the onboarding experience was thorough and organised?
  • Were you satisfied with the pace at which information was shared with you?
  • Did you have all of the necessary training before going “live” in your role?
  • Do you feel like you fit in with the company culture?
  • Do you feel like a valued part of the company?
  • Whether virtual or in-person, were you sufficiently introduced to your coworkers?
  • Do you have any additional suggestions we can use to improve the onboarding process?

Questions like the above will allow you to tweak your employee onboarding process, but many of them also give you insight into how your new employees are acclimating. If you notice they’re not feeling valued or weren’t properly introduced to the rest of the company, you can take steps to remedy those issues on the spot. Plus, you can ensure future joiners don’t feel the same way.

How and when to gather the employee feedback you need

Engagement Multiplier makes it easy to anonymously gather feedback from your team. If you’re a current client, all you need to do is contact your Client Success Manager to set up your custom On-Demand survey. If you’re new to Engagement Multiplier, you can register for a free 30-day trial of our platform. You will get full access to all of our features, including on-demand surveys.

Depending on the size of your organisation, to ensure anonymity, we recommend sending a new hire survey quarterly or every six months. This will allow you to group all your new joiners together and gather their 100% honest feedback. If there is a specific comment you want to follow up on to get more information, you can do that using our secure follow-up feature.

Interviewing and employee onboarding are only becoming more important as the labour market heats up. Ensuring continual growth in this space is simple…as long as you ask the right questions.