Insights & Action Plans

Understand where you are and know what to do next

Features for Building Engagement Action Plans


Survey Insights

Based on survey results, you receive guidance that clearly outlines where you are, where to focus, and what your next steps should be. We also include helpful resources and guides for inspiration.

Thematic Overview

Another view of your organization calculated by survey results. You get at-a-glance insights with measurement across topics such as communication, energy, planning, and follow-through.

Action Planning Tools

A simple worksheet with questions that help you reflect on where you’ve been, note key takeaways and develop an action plan from your engagement surveys.

PDF Guides

Downloadable resources designed to help you understand employee engagement follow through on recommended steps.

How it works

You’ll get eye-opening insights every step of the way that leads to direct results. After every survey cycle, you’ll be directed to helpful guides and in-app advice, ensuring you always know what to do next and have the tools to get it done. Use the Action Planning Tool when sharing quarterly results with employees in order to connect them to your goals over the next 90 days.

“Our engagement leadership team actually takes all of the survey results and distills it down to one, two, or even three very specific recommendations. And we take those recommendations and we focus on those for the next quarter, and then we loop back.”

Testimonial Jennifer BorislowJennifer Borislow, Borislow Insurance