Employee Engagement Survey

Collect truly honest feedback with our anonymous survey

Employee Survey Features

Quick & Mobile-Friendly

Engagement surveys take less than 10 minutes, require no login, and can be accessed from any device at any time.

Participation Encouraged

Get visibility into survey participation rates at any point throughout the survey cycle, and send reminder emails via your dashboard.

Quantitative & Qualitative Questions

Multiple choice and written-response formats allow employees to both provide their perspective quickly and offer additional details.

Quarterly Cycles

A new staff engagement survey comes out every 90 days, which is the appropriate timing to gather insights, set goals, and achieve them.

Custom Questions

Add your own multiple choice or written-response employee survey questions to the end of ours so you can get insights more specific to your organization.

Email Notifications

Both employees and owners are sent reminders via emails at important checkpoints of each employee engagement survey cycle.

Total Anonymity & Security

Individuals are never associated with scores or responses, so employees can feel comfortable speaking the truth. Our Vault Technology ensures that information stays safe and private.

Custom Definitions

Add further context to engagement survey questions by explaining how terminology applies to your organization.

Our Employee Survey Process

Engagement surveys are sent out every 90 days, with a two-week period for employees to complete them. Survey completion takes less than 10 minutes, and once the cycle is “closed,” scores are calculated and reports generated. Engagement Specialists are on hand to help you set up your survey schedule and assist and advise you on customizing your employee survey program experience.

“The survey created an opportunity, in a very democratic way, for all voices within the organization to step forward and share thoughts around our purpose. They appreciate that we’re asking the questions, and doing it in a way that is very safe and very friendly.”

Testimonial Rob Vanden BroekRob Vanden Broek, Sierra Supply Chain Services