Engagement Report™

Easy-to-digest, robust data from your quarterly employee survey

Report Features

Company Summary

View company engagement scores and participation rates over time, along with individual scores for group segmentation and engagement dimensions.


Get deep views into your organization with a cross-section of scores across group segmentation and engagement dimension.

Levels & Groups

Look at engagement scores broken down for owners, leaders, employees, and across a customizable set of groups that can be modified in real time.

Historical Overviews

See how your engagement score compares to past survey cycles to gauge how you’ve improved and where to focus.

PDF Export

Export, then print physical engagement reporting of your survey score breakdown and comparisons, along with written feedback.

Report Sharing

Release employee engagement survey results along with your goals for improvement to the entire organization—but only when you’re ready.

How the Engagement Report Works

After every survey cycle is complete, you’re notified via email that your Engagement Report is ready. You’ll get to analyze the data broken down by engagement dimensions, group, and scores over time. Within the application, you can add comments and discuss results securely with key leaders. At this same time, employees can see how they scored the company within their personal report, but they do not yet see the overall company scores.

You’ll get a reminder to share your employee engagement report with your whole organization. Once the company report is shared, employees are notified by email and will then be able to see their score compared to overall company scores.

“We now basically have an effective tool that we can measure the degree to which people are doing their work, fulfilling their role, and we never had that before.”

Testimonial Rob Vanden BroekRob Vanden Broek, Sierra Supply Chain Services