Our Employee Engagement Model

Key elements of an Engaged Organization™ and core methodology of our program

Key Dimensions of Employee Engagement


Engaged Purpose

A written statement that clearly communicates not just who your organization is, but who you want it to be and the impact you want to have on the world.

Engaged Owners

As your organization’s identified transformation champion, you’re at the helm to drive engagement forward.

Engaged Leaders

Identifying team members to embrace your strategy, offer insights and help you drive transformation is integral to keeping your entire organization connected.

Engaged Employees

The reason you’re doing what you’re doing, with the right support and employee engagement model framework, your employees have the power to enact change, set and meet goals, and enhance your organization’s performance.

Engaged Customers

People outside of your organization can feel engagement, too — the ones who use your products or services have the potential to be your biggest advocates—so our engagement model monitors how your organization interacts with them.

Engaged Individuals

Beyond the collective, everyone in your organization is a distinct human being whose growth and development are just as important as that of the business, but still contribute to its success.

How our engagement model works

Our employee engagement model is based on six different elements, each of which plays an important part in a company’s success. You’ll see reporting and scoring broken down by each of these dimensions, so you’ll be able to track the engagement of each one. And the program is progressive, which means that over time, you’ll be given specific guidance and pointed advice about making sure that each dimension is engaged, one at a time.

“Three years later, and we talk about our Engaged Purpose as much as we talk about our financial results.”

Testimonial Rob Vanden BroekRob Vanden Broek, Sierra Supply Chain Services