On-Demand Surveys

Targeted, custom surveys that deliver insight when it matters most

Complete control and flexibility

Completely Customizable

Ask the right questions. Focus on specific topics or initiatives and easily create content to fit your business and team. Do it in easy-to-answer multiple choice questions, or let your employees speak for themselves with written responses.

Target Subsets of Employees

Ask the right people. Survey your entire company or give more focus to the areas that need it by surveying specific groups from your existing segmentation.

Scheduled Survey Dates and Times

Timing is everything. Easily create and send surveys the same day or schedule a future launch with specific open and close times—down to the half hour. You can also adjust your schedule anytime along the way.

Question-by-Question Statistics

Once responses are in, reports are instantly displayed on your Engagement Multiplier dashboard. See statistics for multiple choice questions and easily search written responses.

Personalized Emails

Communication is key. Add the proper context for your team and emphasize the importance of completing the survey. Customize email content and send reminders when needed.

Unlimited Feedback

There’s no limit to the number of surveys you can send. Continue to get feedback from your team with surveys and questions that are fresh, relevant, and at the frequency that best fits them.

Go beyond engagement

When used alongside our proven benchmark Engagement Assessment, On-Demand Surveys make it easy to focus on key themes, respond quickly to what’s happening in your business, and get insight when it matters most. Dive deeper into business and culture, uncover new innovations, assess the value of products and services, better understand your customers, and so much more. With On-Demand Surveys you can expand your focus and multiply the benefits of an engaged team.

“Our employees appreciate that we’re asking questions, and doing it in a way that is very safe and friendly.”

Testimonial Rob Vanden BroekRob Vanden Broek, Sierra Supply Chain Services