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A proven framework to transform your company

In addition to measuring employee engagement, you’ll discover previously unknown insights, take action with clear focus, and create a connected, productive, and self-managing company that is filled with energy.

Get honest feedback

Learn what they really think with anonymous communication

Quick, mobile-friendly surveys collect feedback from everyone in your company. Employee responses aren’t associated with individuals, so feedback is always eye-opening and inspiring.

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Measure progress every quarter and share company goals

A consistent survey schedule enables you to measure progress with enough time to take action in between. Communicate goals and action plans easily across your team with built-in sharing.

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Always know where you stand with in-depth reporting

Compare scores and data by department, division, location or any other configuration, such as hire date, project team, or other cohort you designate.

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Our dedicated Engagement Specialists ensure you get the most out of every phase of the program. Insights and guides are available at any time and help you know where to focus.

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    No matter how much we felt like we ‘knew’, we didn’t.

    EM has helped our company to understand the true underlying issues that have impacted engagement. No matter how much we felt like we 'knew', we didn't. Some comments and themes were not pleasant to hear, but it is better to know, than to assume. Our company has recently changed owners, and the new owners have seen the benefits of this tool, and are actively engaged in working towards a higher level of engagement. The support from EM has also been great - while the system is easy to use, whenever I have had a question or problem, they are fast to respond. They provide good operational assistance, and most importantly Danica also provides higher level perspectives on engagement and industry trends.

    The survey has indicated where people may need that little extra help.

    We use the Engagment Multiplier survey as a tool to provide us…

    You can genuinely work towards a more engaged workforce.

    My organisation has been using EM as a tool to measure staff…

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