Our Approach to Employee Engagement

If you have the will,
we’ll show you the way

Being a brave leader involves taking the first step to uncovering the hidden truths about your organization. With every Engagement Multiplier transformation story, there’s a beginning and a middle, but the benefits it offers your company and employees are endless.

Heading Our Approach Full

Our Approach Icon Changeyourthinking

First 90 Days

Change your thinking

To create any type of positive change, you need to know what’s really happening within your organization. The things you’ll uncover with your very first employee survey will surprise and energize you. Embracing employee engagement and documenting your organization’s purpose will lead to groundbreaking conversations, new ideas, and fresh actionable insights. As you let go of old perceptions, you’ll build new goals inspired by these eye-opening revelations.

  • For the first time,  you’ll get honest feedback
  • You’ll have benchmark scores as a starting point
  • You’ll understand and define an Engaged Purpose
  • You’ll establish a common language

“Engagement Multiplier is a tool to awareness– you’re able to understand what people are thinking. We found that progress for us has been a process of understanding and asking the questions, and then taking steps.”

Testimonial Jennifer BorislowJennifer Borislow, Borislow Insurance

Our Approach Icon Empowerteam

Within Year 1

Empower your entire team

Once you’ve established a solid foundation, you’ll measure employee engagement in quarterly cycles. You’ll connect your leadership team and employees to the drivers of employee engagement, and energize them to stay involved and invested. Everyone at your organization will work toward shared goals, see progress, and enact change themselves. They’ll become the self-managing team members you knew they could be, and you’ll all create a fully Engaged Organization together.

  • You’ll clearly communicate your Engaged Purpose
  • You’ll get feedback, reporting and insights every 90 days
  • You’ll readily share goals and action plans
  • Anonymous communication will flow easily across channels

“Engagement Multiplier has taken engagement from being a concept to something that we do, live, think, and speak every day– both as leaders and as employees.”

Testimonial Kent PilcherKent Pilcher, Point Builders and Estes Construction


Beyond Engagement IconsBeyond Engagement

Expand your focus, multiply results

Now that you have an Engaged Organization, you’ve opened up a world of new opportunities. You’ll dive deeper into tackling specific area-things like making improvements to productivity, customer satisfaction, HR and employee benefits, and shaping company culture- with the momentum and employee engagement solutions to meet goals faster than ever. You’ll optimize performance across multiple topics that your team has deemed most critical, and will see (and feel) exponential results.

  • Shift your focus to more specific goals
  • Measure customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Send custom surveys on identified focus areas
  • Continue to test engagement on benchmarks every year

“We’ve had conversations that we might not have otherwise had, and we’ve been able to address things before they’ve become an issue.”

Testimonial Dominic BeechenoDominic Beecheno, BGI Strategy