Know where your company stands

Start with a Benchmark Assessment—a ten-minute secure, anonymous survey that you and your employees can complete on any device. It’s the basis that you’ll use to measure progress going forward. You’ll uncover hidden truths and wisdom that have previously gone unspoken.

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Benchmark Assessment

See where you are and track progress

While virtually every business has sophisticated tools to measure financial health and client health, not every business is even aware that there are tools that measure engagement health. Our technology provides these critical tools that can turn what was once considered an intangible into something tangible and therefore actionable.

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Get actionable feedback

When your employees feel empowered to provide honest, anonymous feedback, you will uncover the wisdom and insights hidden in your organisation.

Ongoing opportunities

Keep learning as your organisation improves

Engaging your employees is an ongoing process. With our platform, you and your team have the ability to continually discover insights and actions that will push your business ahead.

  • Use Secure Follow-Up to find out more about specific answers
  • Get feedback anytime with Suggestion Box
  • Create custom employee engagement surveys for a specific groups whenever you need

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