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With Engagement Multiplier, you’ll have the vision and tools you need to energise your employees to stay involved and invested. Stop micromanaging your team and watch as productivity rises. Our platform gives you an easy-to-use framework to empower your entire team to grow the business.

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Incremental change

Know where to focus

Based on our analysis of millions of data points, combined with the anonymous feedback from your employees, your dashboard will show focus areas that can most dramatically improve your employee engagement score.

Complete alignment

Connect everyone to a purpose

Your organisation will create an Engaged Purpose that aligns everyone around why you do what you do. It’ll help bring teams together, simplify decisions, and provide structure. It’s the reason that your business does what it does that goes beyond money.

Attainable goals

Create actionable plans

With each Benchmark Survey, you receive an in-depth engagement report that details what your employees are thinking. Manage your priorities with more insight, see where the big opportunities are, and create and share goals to get there. Engagement Multiplier allows you to understand more clearly what’s getting in the way of your growth—and helps you see how to overcome it.



Keep everyone accountable

Success depends on everyone, and Engagement Multiplier helps your organisation stay on track. Everyone, including leadership, management, and employees will work toward shared goals, see progress, and enact change themselves.

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