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Engagement Manager

UK and US

The Role

The key focus of this role is to provide clients with a white glove experience while they embark on their engagement journey. You are the face of Engagement Multiplier to our clientele and coach them on how best to utilise the platform to achieve their goals as an organisation.

From your perspective, when asked about your role at Engagement Multiplier, you may respond:

“As the front line of Engagement Multiplier for our clients, my role is focused on providing clients with the knowledge and skills to successfully utilise the platform as they embark on their engagement journey. I do this by providing top-notch, white-glove service to them from the moment they sign their agreement and throughout their time with Engagement Multiplier. I am the resident expert on everything client-related and am comfortable being the only point of contact. As the eyes and ears for our clients, I communicate their needs and challenges to the greater EM team. I partner with our clients and guide them on their journey to becoming an Engaged Organisation. Furthermore, I help clients brainstorm strategies to improve their organisation. At the end of the day, I take comfort in knowing that our clients will succeed on the platform through my ability to coach them through best practices, new features, and organisational strategies. I remain connected to our clients and look to position Engagement Multiplier as an integral part of their organisation.“


Client Experience

  • Ensure that every part of the client experience is seamless
  • Exemplify our core values and the Engagement Multiplier brand
  • Maintain a solutions-oriented mindset and confidently address any client issues, challenges, or frustrations in a timely manner
  • Suggest ongoing product enhancements to the development team
  • Support all incoming requests within 3 hours of receiving them

At-Risk Clients

  • Identify when a client is missing an opportunity to further utilise the platform
  • Determine when a client is at risk and take necessary steps to coach around how to best use the platform to its fullest extent
  • Document all client cancelations, capture these insights, and utilise to improve retention


  • Create and utilise reports within Salesforce to identify client risks or opportunities
  • Document/track all communications, progress, wins, and challenges for every client


  • Train all clients on new and existing features within the platform
  • Analyse reports and identify areas to focus on while coaching on what product features a client should use

Who you are

  • You’re engaged – and are engaging!
  • You passionately believe in the power of engagement – a brand ambassador who will proactively support and contribute to the business’s Engaged Purpose.
  • You’re organised, efficient and able to work to deadlines.
  • You’re a great communicator who thrives on delighting customers, building relationships and going the extra mile to create exceptional outcomes.
  • You come with ‘batteries included’. You find solutions, not problems.
  • You thrive in an environment where the status quo is predictably unpredictable! You’re flexible in your approach and adaptable to change, new ideas and innovations.
  • You’re coachable – in other words, you’re happy to give and receive feedback from others.
  • You’re proactive and constantly seek ways to improve yourself, your working environment and working processes to achieve optimum results for yourself and the business.
  • You’re open, honest and have bags of integrity.
  • You can stand on your own two feet while at the same time being a great team player who loves rolling up your sleeves and pitching in as part of a passionately entrepreneurial team.
  • You’re hardworking and enthusiastic. You’re passionate and serious but don’t let your ego get in the way of collaborative team effort and ultimate success! No divas, please!
  • You’re able to report information in a clear, effective way with the recipient’s requirements in mind.

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