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Sales Director

UK and US

The Role

Reporting directly to Engagement Multiplier’s Founder, the Sales Director will be accountable for creating and delivering EM’s sales strategy and achieving/exceeding sales targets. You will be responsible for recruiting, leading and developing a sales team based in both the UK and US.

Flexible with some travel where required.


Culture and development

  • Become rapidly acquainted with the Engagement Multiplier (EM) culture, values, plans, goals, working practices and processes
  • Quickly understand the various dimensions that make up the business, client delivery, and engagement process
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with members of the EM Team

Sales planning and strategy

  • Develop and ‘own’ sales strategy, tactics, forecasting, and sales targets
  • Proactively identify, and lead the implementation of, opportunities to improve sales processes, communications, and techniques


  • Recruit, mentor, coach, and train a growing team of in-house sales professionals. Have your finger on the pulse by carrying out regular 1:1s and review meetings to ensure they’re on top of their game
  • Lead by example – motivate and inspire your team. Set a standard of excellence that’s aligned to the company’s Engaged Purpose
  • Create and implement an Engagement Multiplier Sales Training Program
  • Ensure each sales team member has a clear Monthly Sales Plan

Sales Conversion

  • Strategically and tactically lead the development and growth of a strong client sales pipeline, and an active authorized partner network, capable of meeting or exceeding sales objectives
  • Manage the largest partner opportunities to ensure relationships are maximized, specifically in the 500 Club (partners capable of adding 500 licenses to EM in the next 12 months)
  • Run and present at workshops to recruit authorized partners and clients
  • Regularly attend networking events
  • Identify and open up new strategic market verticals


  • Maintain accurate, on-time reporting in a clear and concise format that clearly details progress vs plan/deliverables

Personal development and knowledge base

  • Keep fully up to date with planned EM product developments to feed into sales messaging
  • Develop and maintain a strong knowledge of organizational/employee engagement
  • Keep up to date with competitors

Who you are

  • You passionately believe in and understand the power of engagement – a brand ambassador who will proactively support and contribute to the company’s Engaged Purpose: We enable businesses with identifiable ownership to measurably improve morale, culture and retention; and innovate, thrive and grow. We are deeply connected to, and energized by, the transformational power of engagement for both businesses and individuals. We are proud and protective ambassadors of our community, philosophy and culture where personal growth and unique ability are championed, collaboration is constant and fun is a priority!
  • You’re engaged – and are engaging! You come with ‘batteries included’ – in other words, you’re a cup half full, not half empty person!
  • You’re an exceptional communicator who thrives on converting sale and are able to present ideas and strategies with clarity and impact at a senior and operational level.
  • Commercially astute, strategic thinker. You find solutions, not problems. Persistent, results orientated with a positive and enthusiastic with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • You’re an active listener and skilled negotiator.
  • You’re flexible in your approach and adaptable to change, new ideas and innovations.
  • You’re coachable – in other words, you’re happy to give and receive feedback from others.
  • You have strong intellect, gravitas, credibility, confidence and personable.
  • You’re proactive and constantly seek ways to improve yourself, your working environment and working processes to achieve optimum results for yourself, your team and the wider business.
  • You’re open, honest and have bags of integrity.
  • You’re passionate and serious about what you but don’t let your ego get in the way of collaborative team effort and ultimate success! No divas please!
  • You’re hardworking and resilient – and don’t take your eye off the ball.
  • You’re able to report information in a clear, effective way with the recipient’s requirements in mind.
  • Organised and prepared, a structured and disciplined approach to working practices and processes.



  • Proven success in a Sales Director role in a fast-growing SAAS businesses.
  • Demonstrable competency and experience of building, developing and leading a geographically dispersed sales team working in the B2B sector.
  • Strong customer understanding and well-honed sales techniques that have a proven history of producing results.
  • Proven experience of building and developing a network of authorized partners.
  • Proven track record of sourcing, converting and attracting new clients and key multiplier relationships.
  • Proven ability to create and implement sales strategy and objectives in the UK market.
  • Proven ability to design and deliver engaging presentations with impact and enthusiasm.

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