Open Position

Sales and Partner Operations Administrator

UK and US

The Role

Reporting to the Global Operations Director, the key focus of this role will be to provide the sales team and Business Engagement Managers (BEMs) with proactive sales support. You will ensure that clients move seamlessly through the launch process and our partner community continues to provide ongoing, regular client referrals as a result of the white-glove customer service experience you provide them in conjunction with the Business Engagement Manager (BEM).

The business operates a 4-stage sales process:

  1. Lead generation – handled by BEM
  2. Client Free Trial sale close – handled by BEM
  3. Client Free Trial survey launch – handled by Sales & Partner Operations
  4. Results consultation to move to paid client – handled by BEM


Client Experience

  • Utilize EM’s prescribed client launch process and communications to ensure that clients move quickly and seamlessly through the launch process
  • Address any client issues, challenges, or frustrations and leave the client feeling at ease
  • Support all incoming client requests
  • Suggest ongoing process enhancements to ensure the launch process is as effective as possible
  • Master the product features and discuss these with clients to guide their usage during the launch process

Partner Support

  • Manage the partner onboarding process
  • Support all partner communications pre and post-webinars and events
  • Serve as the first line of support for all partner queries and requests

Sales Support

  • Provide administrative support to BEMs and Sales Director outside of the launch process
  • Provide Global Operations Director with support in preparing for either company-sponsored events or those where the EM sales team are present
  • Research and identify potential right-fit clients through press and other sources and provide administrative/sales support for any outreach or marketing programs
  • Work with BEMs to help them achieve their monthly goals and provide support where required
  • Qualify and allocate leads

CRM Support

  • Keep all client and partner records 100% up to date in real-time
  • Support the Business Systems Manager by helping to ensure BEMs keep our CRM updated accurately
  • Track all communications, progress, wins, and challenges for any given client within Salesforce


Who you are

  • You’re engaged – and are engaging!
  • You passionately believe in the power of engagement – a brand ambassador who will proactively support and contribute to the business’s Engaged Purpose.
  • You’re organized, efficient and able to work to deadlines.
  • You’re a great communicator who thrives on delighting customers, building relationships and going the extra mile to create exceptional outcomes.
  • You come with ‘batteries included’. You find solutions, not problems.
  • You thrive in an environment where the status quo is predictably unpredictable! You’re flexible in your approach and adaptable to change, new ideas and innovations.
  • You’re coachable – in other words, you’re happy to give and receive feedback from others.
  • You’re proactive and constantly seek ways to improve yourself, your working environment and working processes to achieve optimum results for yourself and the business.
  • You’re open, honest and have bags of integrity.
  • You can stand on your own two feet while at the same time being a great team player who loves rolling up your sleeves and pitching in as part of a passionately entrepreneurial team.
  • You’re hardworking and enthusiastic. You’re passionate and serious but don’t let your ego get in the way of a collaborative team effort and ultimate success! No divas, please!
  • You’re able to report information in a clear, effective way with the recipient’s requirements in mind.

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