At a recent conference, Dan Sullivan asked Stefan Wissenbach what makes him so energetically enthusiastic about the work we do at Engagement Multiplier. His response:

“We’re dealing with business owners that I really identify with. They care about their employees. They want to make their businesses better, and they’re aware of the transformational power of engagement. We are building a community if unbelievable business owners.”

There are many characteristics that make an engaged owner but simplify this down to just three words, they need to be BRAVE, CARING and IDENTIFIABLE:

  • Brave means that you actually want to know what’s really going on in your business. You’re open to true and honest feedback. A brave business owner truly understands that all progress starts with telling the truth.
  • Caring means that you don’t see your employees as just a commodity. You know they’re the most important asset in your business. You care about actively leading your business, and you care about your organization’s purpose – to make a difference.
  • Identifiable means that you’re happy to be up front and central. You’re the the Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson of your organization! You’re the organization’s figurehead.

So, how would you score yourself? In fact, how do you think your team would you score you? It would be fascinating to find out wouldn’t it?

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