It’s down to the wire.

Your ideal employee is considering working for two companies.

Your competitor offers an array of fabulous perks: Free cooking classes, free snacks in the office and beer and wine in the office on Fridays. There’s even an on-site gym, to help you work off all the food-related perks.

The benefits you offer are decent, but your pitch is slightly different…

If the potential hire works for you, they will be involved in extraordinary, meaningful work and help transform people’s lives.

All other things being equal, the candidates who pick you are probably going to be more engaged, and more likely to stay with you long-term. They’ve bought into your mission, and want to be part of it. The attraction of the perks, like your competitors, will wear off pretty quickly.

Here’s the difference between a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Values Statement and an Engaged Purpose.

So how do you show potential recruits that when they work for you, they’ll be part of something meaningful and worthwhile?

How do you use your company’s purpose to attract better staff? Most companies foolishly don’t think about this at all.

The traditional approach to hiring is to assess potential recruits’ skills. The onus is on the candidates to prove themselves, but potential recruits are also assessing the company to see if they’re a good fit.

Is this the kind of place I can add value to? Will I feel proud and motivated to work here? Will I fit into the team?


To attract the best candidates, your company has to sell itself as well.

What’s the best way to do this? It’s not just talking about superficial perks or just telling candidates about your greater purpose, it’s about actually demonstrating that your company has a strong purpose and mission so that they can really feel it.

Here are three ways to do this:

#1 Make purpose visible

When a potential recruit walks around the office, what can they see that shows yours is a purpose-driven organization?

We’ve heard of companies who give employees paid leave to get involved in activities to give back to the community. The caveat is that the employee must take a picture of themselves in action, and this picture goes on the wall in the office.

When a candidate sees the pictures, what are the chances they’ll be intrigued enough to ask questions, hear how this positively impacts employees, and picture themselves doing the same thing?


#2 Involve peers

Rather than someone from HR or the hiring manager showing the candidate around the office, ask future peers to do so.

Involving peers at this stage gives the candidate a feel for what it will be like to work in the team. They have a chance to ask questions and hear how existing employees feel about working for the company. It’s also a great way to see how they would fit in with your current team and culture!


#3 Give them an experience

One way to demonstrate the mission-driven nature of your company is to ask your top candidates to spend a day with you.

This could be an away-day for the business, at a specific event, or simply a day shadowing a colleague.


Each of these ideas gives both you and the candidate the chance to decide whether it’s a yes or no. More importantly, you don’t just tell the candidate what a great place your company is to work in – they experience it first-hand.


How will you adjust your recruitment process so it demonstrates the mission and purpose of your company? Tweet us your thoughts!


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